Which Open/Close sensors do you find the best?

I am building an alarm system and need to purchase a bunch of open/close sensors so price is important, but function such as distance, setting up and battery life and reporting is very important. Also is it possible to put a delay on the ones on the doors?

If price and not aesthetics is the main factor I’d try to find Quirky trippers or PEQ open/close (less than $20 a sensor) and if you can’t find those - go with the new IRIS open/closed. ($23)

The best form factor for doors is the Aeon Recessed since they are recessed ($40)

The aeons and PEQs are giving me very good battery life. The Trippers lose battery quickly for me.

You can do delays if you use Rule Machine or Smart Alarm instead of Smart Home Monitor

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Are the PEQ fully useable with ST and do they show battery condition?

Yes x2 mOAR Characters

I need a model number for the IRIS as I understand some don’t work. Also I don’t see either on Amazon. Do you have links. The Iris would be the best bet if I could get them on Amazon.


I don’t see them on amazon

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Here is the link for the IRIS sensor on Lowes’ site. I don’t think they sell them on Amazon. I could be wrong though.

Iris Contact Sensor

I’ve had good luck with them. Just remember to add the Device Handler first. You can then switch them over to the SmartSense device type if you prefer local operation. I used the one found here:

Lowe’s Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

I’ve got a bunch of the PEQ open/closed and the Iris Contact Sensors. Never had any issues with either of them. If you follow the Current Device Deals you can see how to get the Lowe’s ones for less than $14.00 each.

Buy the IRIS sensors from Lowes at zip code 10011 ($13.98) and have them shipped to you.

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Fantastic deal!


Followed the deals couldn’t find any for that price. I even tried zip 10011 no luck there either. If you have direct link for those low prices please let me know.

Found theseHome depot z-Wave kit but how do you get them to work? People said they work with ST but do I need custom device type?

First, go to the Lowe’s website and change your location to Lowes Of Manhattan - Chelsea,
635-641 6th Avenue New York, 10011. Then goto this http://www.lowes.com/pd_690400-41277-3320-L___?productId=999925302&pl=1&Ntt=iris . It’s still showing up as $13.98 for me.

I contacted the store and they will not honor the price if shipped to NJ. I then contacted my local store and asked them to meet the price, and was told that they are in a different district and they couldn’t honor the price. So I have to buy local. Still not sure about Zigbee as when pairing it must be within 15 foot of hub. So what happens when I change my hub? Do I have to remove it and bring it to the hub to pair again?

These are the others Home Depot Z-Wave 3 piece kit Do I just add device and they will work, people say they work well with ST. I just am confused to which works better zibee or Z-Wave the setting up is easy the adding the new hub might make me remove the zigbee items and bring near hub is daunting.

I’ve connected zigbee devices at over 50 ft from the hub without issue. Make sure you have your wifi router set to channel 1 or 6, as I believe zigbee is using the upper portion of the 2.4Ghz spectrum. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve had no issues with zigbee or z-wave at those distances, have many of each type of device. A long Ethernet cable is also good if you need to ever move your hub temporarily.

Seems you have to “cheat” Lowes to get an equitable deal from them, I went through hell trying to get the 40% discount on the kits. Good luck with that!

I just tried to order some as well and got error 237. Same thing happened when trying to order the kits. Seems Lowes is catching on to people trying to ship these cross country. :slight_smile:

Well I think I will get three of the Iris open/close and two smartthings motion detectors. Than ue=se smart Alarm smart app for time delay for doors and motion off at night. Later I will get a siren. Hope to find an IRis siren that works with ST that also shows battery condition.

Get the utliitech siren sold at lowes. It is cheap and you can get battery.

But what about the problem where you can’t see battery condition?

I can see it. Use this device type by @johnconstantelo

Thanks, that helps a great deal.

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