Top/best options for door and window sensors?

Looking to add a few of these in the house. We recently got a new set of foster kids and would feel more comfortable knowing if the windows are opened.

I want the cheapest option but don’t want to have issues with it not working. What products should I look at?

Why not

These work great for me. Two door sensors for about 20 each, and a motion sensor thrown in

GOCONTROL WNK01-21KIT Essential Z-Wave Home Security Suite

GoControl or Iris would probably be your cheapest option.

I have Iris currently, but the battery life is making me want to switch.

For windows I have many of the SmartThings Sensors and the battery life is about 6mo for me. I think it has to do with the constant temperature readings (which are fairly useless mounted to a window) but thats pretty terrible, IMO. I would not purchase for primary use as contact sensors again.

I have debated grabbing some of these to try but have not had the chance:

I also just found these beauties but they are expensive and I am not sure if they have been tested with SmartThings yet:

Finally, for doors, if you are willing to drill into doors and door frames I would recommend these:
These work very well, have decent battery life (I am over a year now on a very frequently used door), and best of all you forget they are even there.

Along with GoControl sensors, these are similar but uses the newer Z-Wave plus protocols. If you don’t mind the larger size, they are quite reliable and the battery lasts a long time (I would say more than a year depending on traffic).
They often go on sale for under $20

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I use one of these on my doors…not as obtrusive and does not require drilling any holes.

GE Hinge Sensor

I reviewed a few of them here:

Look to this one:

I have 2 working perfectly


For the price and performance I’d go with the Lowes Iris sensors. I have tons of them. Super reliable, fast reporting, small form factor, and they always work. Now saying all that, no device is perfect, and you also have to factor in ST platform issues.


I have had the best luck with the Lowe’s iris sensors also, the batteries are still going strong after almost a year.

Unless something has changed firmware wise, the Samsung sensors tab thru the batteries in 2 months .

FYI - on the PEQ sensor it says on the product page on Amazon:

“This device requries a PEQ hub and service plan.”

@Danabw it does work directly with Smartthings

So why is my post getting a “robot check?” on the Amazon URL I posted? Thanks.

Great, thanks for clarifying on the PEQ.

These NYCE door hinge sensors work awesome. I have a house full of them with very little issues. Best part they just dropped to $25 at Lowe’s (down from $40).

I just saw those at Lowe’s but wanted to ask about then before. Where does the battery go?

“Iris indoor Window and Door sensor (Works with Iris).” (AFAIK, "Works with Iris means also works w/SmartThings.)

Four for $45! Best deal I’ve seen on a door/window sensor yet.

Actually, those are for Iris version 1 (discontinued) and are NOT compatible with Smartthings that’s why they’re so cheap.

Update: Here are the compatible versions. Check the deals category because they often go on sale but even at $23, it’s not a bad price compared to other sensors.

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It’s a small cr2032 battery in the plastic grey piece in the middle of the hinge. I’ve had all installed for 6+ mo and none are sitting lower than 62%