Which Open/Close sensors do you find the best?

I used the go control kit 4x from home depot. 2 o/c sensors and a motion sensor for $50.

Well I bought the sensors from Lowes and set them up no problem, I also ordered two motion sensors from SmartThings. My problem now is getting the Smart Alarm app to arm with my wife and I using iPhones. I setup a separate account for my wife which shares my data on ST but the presence of her phone is never updated when she comes home or sometimes leaves unless she opens the app so it refreshes. An alarm is useless unless the presence device is updated all the time… Also whenever I open the door I get a push notification saying the door was opened, when home as it is armed and when away. I am worried if I add a siren the alarm will go off every time I open a door. Maybe I am doing something wrong any help would be useful. I only want the siren when away or asleep, not all day long… Am I looking at this completely wrong since my phone is in the presence position will the Siren go off, when I go get the mail etc.?

I use these…
they are fairly inexpensive… have worked well even on metal slider doors, a garage door and a metal mailbox.
The battery is still going strong in the mailbox and we have been down to about 5 degress this winter.

I just ordered a few of these myself and the 13.98 pricing worked for me. I’m in Las Vegas btw…

Good for you, I tried and they cancelled the order.

Just an update, these Iris Contact sensors are now $11.18 from the Lowes Of Manhattan - Chelsea,
635-641 6th Avenue, New York, 10011, Store #3293

I bought the 2nd Generation Centralite units and find them great and reliable. And when I tried to do an online order I received an email cancelling the order.

weird… I just ordered a few more again this time, and no problems for me. Sorry it’s not working for you…

I don’t understand why, but the ones I think you are ordering are 1st Gen not second gen. But I tried anyway, no luck. Must have to do with that I am in the tri-state area.

I thought that too, so I verified these with the one I ordered the first time, and these are the 2nd Gen one with the Purple packaging. I think the 1st Gen ones have/had the Clear packaging. Someone else might have that specific info…

So, did anyone who ordered the $11 Iris open/close sensors from Lowes in Chelsea receive them yet? If so, we’re they the new (purple box) models?

I have ordered and received 10 of them. They are the new ones in the purple box.