Recommendation for contact sensors, in bulk?

I’ve finally using up the last of my Iris 3320-L contact sensors I bought a while ago. I’ve got 25 and they work great. But as part of another project, think I’d like to get 15 more contact switch for use on some windows and to measure temperature.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for inexpensive contact switches that work with SmartThings? I think I’d prefer Zigbee, but I’m willing to be flexible. I’m hoping for around $10 each (I was spoiled getting the Iris ones for that).

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I found a place selling 100 new Iris 3320-L for $500 (plus $33 shipping to me). That’s $5.33 each. Would there be interest in people splitting an order with me? With re-shipping, it could be $6+ each.


I’d definitely take at least 5.

I’m interested. The Iris sensors are the most reliable ones I’ve found so far… I was pretty sad when they disappeared.

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I would be interested!

I could do 20-ish… I’ve struggled to find anything that I like for my windows.

Can I do 15? Or just 10s?

If you want 15, I can do 25… if that makes it easier on John.

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Ok. I’m in for 15!

Even better – I contacted the place and they switched to selling lots of 10. So everyone can just buy directly. I bought 3 lots and shipping ended up being $25. Makes them $5.87 each!

10 for $49.99.


Thanks! I just bought 20 since they changed it. Appreciate the work on this!

These are the best I’ve used and I’ve used ALOT!

Great price! Hurry up before they are gone.


Nice find @jlv, they also have the Iris motion sensors in bulk, just like the contact sensors. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for finding these, John. I ordered 30 myself. Looking forward to having good sensors again!

I should have mentioned that. Also 10 for $49.99.

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No worries. Both of these Iris sensors are the best, with a really good form factor. I have tons of them everywhere.

What do you guys use all of these sensors for? What specific uses? Trying to get ideas. Thanks!

I found this site 2 weeks ago, bought 10 sensors last week. I am supposed to receive shipment on Monday.

Does these door sensors work well with ST? I saw the 100 sensors for $500 deal, but researching them here got me confused. There is some issue with L and L2, and one supposedly work and the other doesn’t ?

Windows, doors, gates, mailbox, milk box, awning. They stopped selling them before I got a chance to finish all my windows. I’ve got a couple inside doors to track as well with a young kid running around.


If I recall correctly, there are 3 models… the first version does not work with ST, but they also look different than the 2nd and 3rd versions.