Open/Close Sensor ST Vs. Fibaro Vs Iris

I am looking to start adding open/close sensors to my windows. Trying to decide between

SmartThings (ST brand middle cost)
Iris (cheap and local)
Fibaro (color options to match window frames)

What is the communities feedback?

My Iris ones have been more reliable than the ST ones, they have less going on, that’s my excuse at least. Don’t have an Fibaro to compare to though.

less going on? Both ST and Iris do Open/close and temp right?

Yeah, but ST has motion axis vibration stuff going on as well. I’ve had a few of those fail, none of my Iris’s have. Also some ST ones have had to be power cycled to get back in line, again never with the Iris.

The current ST Multipurpose Sensor also does vibration and orientation. The original ST SmartSense Open/Close does do those.

I went with the Iris ones because they were very cheap (the bulk of mine cost $9/each).

There is also the Aeotec 2nd gen door window sensor and their new (“coming soon”) Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 6, which looks really slick but is still not here yet.

The other question you might ask is Zigbee vs. Z-Wave. The ST & Iris are Zigbee; the Aeotec and Fibaro are Z-Wave.

My question these days is: am I staying with SmartThings or going to move on to some open system instead? The problem is that none of the open systems support Zigbee, so moving on means replacing all those sensors. :frowning:

I have 5 Iris and they pair as SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor, work great. Temp and contact. Included batteries are iffy, replacement packs are cheap on Amazon.

I am mostly zwave, but i have some zigbee to, My zwave mesh is way more stable than my zigbee. My zigbee might get more stable if I get the GE bulbs out of the mix, but to be honest it was stable ish till the DB issues this past month. Right now I am staying with ST. Yea the issues suck, but what other option even comes close?