When will Bluetooth be turned on?

I have a V2 hub that is capable of using bluetooth devices, but bluetooth is not turned on yet. I just purchased very reasonable Horizontal blind motor kit that works with bluetooth and would love to get this working. Thanks.

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Even if it were, are your blinds close enough to actually work with BT? Limited range of 20-30ft I’d imagine under most peoples conditions. I really can’t think of anything I could use BT for other than my main theater receiver sits close to the hub and I could do music streaming or something maybe…

@michaelahess I thought bluetooth also does mesh networks right?

I was honestly thinking bluetooth would be ideal for microlocations using beacons.

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Does vs will do, right now I think it’s still the latter. I’ve not heard of any BT mesh devices myself.


The blinda are in the same room as the Hub V2.

Bluetooth mesh is a brand new standard that was just introduced last year, has not yet been finalized, and so far has only been introduced for a few lightbulb models.

It’s unlikely that most existing Bluetooth devices will be able to take advantage of mesh as they currently stand. Some will be able to have a firmware update to do so, but many will not. Really Bluetooth mesh and regular Bluetooth are going to be two different protocols.

The following article is heavily biased in favor of Bluetooth and pretty much ignores zigbee light link, but as long as you keep that in mind it’s a good overview of Bluetooth mesh.

The real advantage of Bluetooth mesh over Zigbee is that so many households already have a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled.


Bluetooth range depends on the class of the device. Mains-powered Bluetooth devices can be class one, with the range around 100 m. Most battery powered devices are class two, with A range of about 10 m. This equates to 1 to 2 rooms in most US houses.


Thank you for the explanation and that extremely detailed link :slight_smile: that was very helpful

This reminds me of this from Daring Fireball:

“Next year it will work great” should be the motto of Bluetooth.

Still no word on BT integration? Ugh…

Wonder if they will look at doing something with the Extended Range Cassia Bluetooth Router that was just announced at CES this year (www.cassianetworks.com)

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Still in pre-order, so no way to tell what it really delivers yet. They have several patent applications in, which is a good sign, but the list of compatible devices is really short, which seems odd. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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It would be nice to have Bluetooth enabled so that your home (at least close to the hub) could be used and recognized as a “Secured Location” for Android “Smart Lock”.


Any updates on this it’s almost the end of the year now.

I had it on my Christmas list too, but unfortunately :santa: does not work at SmartThings anymore. :wink:


Seems that ST is waiting for some particular compelling use case before enabling BT on the Hub v.2. Seems that me that the most compelling case is that BT enables local control of devices such as Bluetooth locks like the danalock, August, or Haven connect smart lock. It also would enable zuli plugs to work as they are BT. Finally I would think that using BT and connecting the Hub to a BT audio receiver could allow voice notifcations easier. These seem rather compelling and what I would consider mainstream and the average Joe just starting out in Home Automation would find this much more user friendly. User friendliness leads to more Hub sales and more opportunities for Samsung to promote its platform.

Will bluetooth be enabled on the v2 hub?

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That’s exactly what I was thinking.


There are TONS of BlueTooth options that could be created!

Bluetooth keyboard support (or simulation of keyboards,) smart phone interaction, proximity, bluetooth remote simulation, etc.

If they were SMART (aka SMARTthings,) they would go ahead an “enable” it, and allow the user-community to develop our custom apps. From that, they can learn what’s hot, and what’s not, and respectively focus their follow-on corporate support/development.

Instead, it remains “dark” (aka useless!)


Has anyone taken apart a v.2 hub to see if the BT radio is actually in there?