Generic Bluetooth speakers with hub V2

is this possible? i would be a great alternative to SONOS or any other kind, and also it should be more reliable . we need some staff-light here :smile:

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Range from the hub woud be a small issue here.

There should be a way to solve that, or that would apply to all devices…no bluetooth lock, sensors, etc,…unless close to the hub

Bluetooth approved a mesh standard just a few months ago. This would allow devices designed to use it to extend range in the same way other mesh networks like zwave and zigbee do, but with the same negatives of mesh.

This won’t help low cost generics or most existing end devices, but will probably affect home automation overall.

The other option is a bluetooth to WiFi bridge, such as Lockitron is offering for their new lock. That could be used with existing Bluetooth devices, but requires a bridge in every room.


So bluetooth speakears are posible ! :smiley:

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I’m excited about it as well, although I’m more excited about iBeacons as they’re bluetooth as well.


With a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge, I’d think very possible.

With Bluetooth mesh, much harder, because mesh is a poor fit for streaming audio or video since packets can arrive out of sequence.


i’d love if smarttings made a wifi audio dongle, something like the rocky ( but that really works :smile:

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It will probably be a while before we see wide perforation in the market. I hope not though :smile:

True, although Samsung is one of the companies promoting it, as their smart bulb relies on it. :wink:

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Now that the hub is out and we have had time playing with it. Is there a better idea if direct connection between a BT speaker and the V2 is possible?

No, that’s definitely not available now, and I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon That would require some music source in the hub. I think they’ll be concentrating on supporting sensor/actuator type devices that use bluetooth first, but we don’t even have that yet.