Bluetooth Radio

So why is it taking so long for Samsung to turn on the bluetooth radio??? This would open up so many more types of devices control including many lighting manufactures that are going with that technology.

Not to defend ST and the lack of a timeline, I am not sure I would want my lights on bluetooth…First, this technology uses the same crowded 2.4Ghz frequency as everything else. But most importantly it is short range (like 32ft or something like that).

However, I would love to see it for proximity where the 32ft limit wouldn’t make much of a difference. Either way, people a lot smarter than I can come up with solutions for this but the radio has to be enabled first. :confused:

Bluetooth mesh. Not just in development, some versions are on the market now.

BTW, it’s not true that Bluetooth has a limitation of around 30 feet. There are different classes of Bluetooth. The one that headphones and microphones use is very short, but that’s because they’re intended for battery operated devices. Class one Bluetooth devices have a range of about 100 m. And since lightbulbs are mains powered, they can go for the longer range if they want.

Several companies are developing Bluetooth mesh devices. Samsung (what a coincidence!) had a Bluetooth mesh lightbulb two years ago.

But Feit’s are available now at any Home Depot. :sunglasses::bulb:

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I stand corrected…however, wouldn’t some of this depend on the type of radio in the hub?

Either way, there are some options with bluetooth!

As always JD, you are the man!

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Not the radio, but which stacks are loaded. So it’s like zigbee: not all devices are interoperable.


I guess there are still lots of work need to be done before enabling the Bluetooth. I am playing with Vera plus currently, they claims Bluetooth supported, but what’s the point of having Bluetooth enabled but only support 1 brand of bulb?

Bottome line, either ST turns it on, or people pass them by. Google has something up their sleeves.