The Other Future of Home Automation: Bluetooth Mesh is Finally Here

Most of the reporting on this announcement is terrible, people who are just regurgitating parts of the press release and don’t really understand the implications.

But the Verge has a technically accurate, balanced, interesting article that covers both the possibilities and potential hiccups. So read this one first :sunglasses:


Good read, thanks. It also comes with entertaining comments.

To my knowledge every smart home device is Wifi or Bluetooth…


Would this ever be supported via STv2? Or would it need a v3 (or maybe an adapter into the usb?)

My guess is that we will need a new hub. Honestly, as long as they have a migration tool I wouldn’t have an issue moving to a more up to date / powerful / extra features hub for another $100-$200 but that is just me.


Particularly if improvements included more support for local processing…


The only local processing that matters to me is the addition of custom DH and webCoRE, both would be great.

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It’s really hard to say since Bluetooth has never been turned on for the V2 hub. There’s a Bluetooth radio in there, but it’s disabled. So since we don’t know if non-mesh Bluetooth works with the V2 hub, it’s impossible to know whether mesh Bluetooth would.

One really interesting point is that Lowes had said about two years ago that they were waiting to open up Bluetooth in their hub until mesh was available. They have a working Bluetooth radio, but it’s only used during the set up of the hub itself, you can’t connect any devices to it.

The wink hub 2 had a similar set up, but about three months ago added the ability to use a Switchmate Bluetooth switch as an IOT device with their hub. But only that one device.

So I will be curious to see whether over the next six months Lowes and Wink add the ability to connect Bluetooth IOT devices like Bluetooth locks, Elgato sensors, feit smart lightbulbs, and flic buttons. As well as any Bluetooth mesh devices.

If both do, I would expect there to be more pressure on SmartThings to do something about Bluetooth. But we’ll just have to wait and see.


It cannot come soon enough. SOOO many Bluetooth items are coming out. Outdoor lighting is a common one, one button switches and a lot of battery operated devices too.

Its my only pet hate with ST right now.

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I came here just to see if a device would be supported… The MiLocks BLEF-02SN in particular. I don’t have any Bluetooth needs, but this would be nice to be able to integrate something like this door lock into the mix. I would then like to tie in IFTTT items to it or get alerts from ST when someone entered a code.