What's going on with Zwave devices/Amazon Alexa?

I have a bunch of zwave devices that have become unresponsive this week. They don’t show as offline in the app. I noticed that the timing of them falling off lines up with when I updated the Alexa app, and in the history it shows Amazon Alexa polling the status every 10minutes. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a fix?

It’s not just Z-Wave devices. I had noticed the Alexa Android app update, but had also done a forget everything in a browser, then saw that Amazon Alexa was sending a refresh every 20 minutes to my Wemo devices and a few virtual devices.

Another post:

Are you getting unresponsive devices from it?

I’m not sure really. The devices that it was happening to are now removed from the Amazon Alexa smart app. I’m going to train the family to use the Ask Alexa smart app this weekend and just remove the official integration for now.

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