Z-wave Devices Unavailable

I’m having an issue with what seems to be most of my Zwave devices. When I turn the device Health on they are unavailable but when I turn it off I can control them with no issue. When I looking IDE it says on the devices that HUB_OFFLINE in the status of the device. The hub is online and working fine. I tried to remove the batteries and reboot and still the same. Is anyone else seeing this issue. I noticed it because the echo isn’t able to control these devices whether the device health is on or off so i’m guessing the echo uses the status in IDE to validate if a device is available or not. The thing that is confusing me more is that most but not all zwave devices are offline and I have 2 of the same devices configure the same way in the same group using the same Device Handler. One is offline and the other is online. I also tried a zwave repair and that also did not help. I have submitted a ticket about this but haven’t herd back yet.

Have you tried power cycling the hub (both pulling the power cord and removing batteries)?

Yes I did both

My opinion- do not use the device health feature! At one time or another, I’ve had each one of my z-wave devices become unresponsive and ultimately found device health was the culprit. My system has been solid since disabling it.

I don’t, The issue is that the echo must be seeing these devices as Unresponsive in IDE and is unable to control them.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood. Have you tried re-discovering everything using the Alexa app?

Yes, However it isn’t alexa that seems to be the issue.

I am having an "unavailable’ issue that just cropped up in the last few days, but not with my zwave devices; it is with other devices connected via a Hue bridge.

In the last week I have had all my devices on a Hue bridge go “Unavailable”. No changes have been made to the Hue Bridge and accessing devices directly through the Hue bridge, bypassing the ST Hub, works fine. ST hub seems to have lost its awareness of the devices on the Hue bridge. Seems to have happened between 12/29 and 12/30/2017. --TGV