Alexa refresh commands every 10 min

Started happening on my devices after I removed all devices from Alexa via webpage and then did a re-discover.

From the Smartthings logging I’m getting the Alexa refresh on all my Arlo devices camera/base and Sengled Bulbs. Every 10 min.
Hue bulbs don’t appear to be effected (maybe because the hue hub is logging the alerts)?

Picture before removing and doing a re-discover on Alexa App/webpage:

And this is after:
(I’ll have to put this in a new post as I am a new user and am limited to one picture per post)

I’ve read a few places that starting with a clean slate, removing all devices from Smartthings and Alexa and then re-adding to Smartthings and doing a discover with Alexa resolves the issue. No idea if this actually works, but how this issues started would make it seem like it’s and issues on the Alexa side and we’re only see it due to the Smartthings logging.

And After:

not clear that you removed the Alexa-smartapp in smartthing phone-app.

No removal of the Amazon Alexa SmartApps within Smarthings:

I logged into -> Smart Home -> Devices -> Forget all
And then did a discover in the same place after a short wait.

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I removed the outside Sengled Bulbs from smartthings and reconnected them and it seems like the refresh has stopped:

if you want a clean slate, then remove the Alexa smart-app too . Why not ?

Here is a Sengled bulb that has not been removed from smartthings and reconnected:

True, I guess the attempt here is to find out what the crux is and narrow down where it may be failing so this could possibly fixed. As removing all devices and re-adding them then having to go through to re-configuring all the groups and smart apps automation for all devices where Alexa is sending a refresh to every 10 min would be a huge PITA.
Especially if this issue is just going to re-occur if/when devices are re-discovered via Alexa app.

It creates a lot of un-needed/unwanted noise in the logging, and If I simply want to login to the app and check the cameras for any recent motion detection I’m now forced to scroll through possibly 1000’s of events where Alexa is sending a refresh simply to find the last time motion was detected, or the last time my camera/lightbulb was turned on or off.

I did what you said, but the problem persist.

The way I’ve been able to get it to work with my devices is:

  1. Log into Smartthings App
  2. Go to My Home -> Things
  3. click on the “thing” with the issue
  4. click the gear in the upper right
  5. click “Remove” at the bottom of that page
  6. Navigate back to My Home
  7. click “+ Add a Thing”
  8. Rescan or re-add the device back in
  9. click save to add the devices
  10. Then I have to reconfigure the device to all the groups, and all automation.

Camera that this was not done to:

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Camera that this was done to:

Just to clear things up the previous comment of doing the “forget all” in the alexa webpage. Is what originally got me into this mess, IE: seeing the refresh every 10 min on most of my devices.

I will try when I arrive at home.


Thanks for working this thread. i’m suspecting that the repeated Alexa refresh is messing up my Arlo integration. When i try to change the Arlo app to record video when running the Smartthings automation, something in the system keeps resetting my changes. i think it’s Alexa.

Thanks, guys! These steps fixed my Arlo reset problem! Darn Alexa!!

Well turns out that 2 hours was not enough time… at least for my cameras, the lights still have no refreshes.

So the arlo cameras started getting refreshes from Alexa ~2.5 hours after being remove/re-added to Smartthings.

So my Arlo camera decided to do the same type of thing as @koreanbear.
Had to go into Arlo and manually set it to active so smartthing/alexa stop interfering with the motion recordings as I had a package delivered today, and there is a package thief in town.

It’ll be a pain in the @$$ but I guess I’ll factory reset smartthings and Alexa and attempt to start from scratch.

So after rebuilding it from factory fresh. Immediately after adding Smartthings to Alexa it started the refresh crap again.

Next thing I tried was not “allowing alexa to access all routines and devices.” I selected every thing except the cameras. It’s been about an hour and no “Alexa sent refresh to…” (I’ll check again tomorrow morning)

This logging is really unneeded and should not be pushed as a recent notification. As I said before it creates needless amounts of scrolling if I simply want to see when motion was last detected or when the device was last turned on or off.

I did it and stopped that logs :slight_smile:

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