What is zigbeeNodeType?

I recently noticed in the IDE that some of my devices have zigbeeNodeType=Router as a value. What does this mean? Does this mean it is acting as a repeater? What’s a little odd is I have two Centralize dimmers with the exact same model listed and one says it is a router and the other doesn’t have the parameter at all. Anyone know what that means?

It was recently added. Was the one that displays it added more recently?

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They are both devices I added quite a while ago so can’t remember which one I did first unfortunately.

ST seems to be adding additional zigbee info for devices within event logs (and its detail). I found this a few months ago:

I’m really hoping this means ST engineers are some day going to be able to give us tools that will map out our zigbee mesh (visually or through a spreadsheet).


As mentioned above, this is a relatively new addition so older device’s may not have the info to show. There are 4 primary types of devices that can exist on your network. Those are:

  • Coordinator: The hub itself

  • Router: A device that is usually mains powered and routes or repeats messages for other devices

  • Sleepy Endpoint Device: A device that is usually battery powered and spends most of it’s time in a low-power sleep mode. It will periodically wake up to send messages

  • Non-sleepy Endpoint Devices: A device that is usually mains powered and is always listening for messages/commands. Even though these devices are always awake they will not route/repeat messages for other devices


Thanks. By older, I assume same model number with the same firmware would behave the same, it’s not the actual age of the device right? Does a device not listing itself as a router mean it is not capable of being a router or that it doesn’t have any child devices?

By “older” I was simply referring to how long the device has been part of your mesh :slight_smile: The role of a device (router, end device, etc.) is an attribute of the device and not something that can be changed. So for example, all SmartThings motion sensors will act as sleepy endpoint devices while all SmartThings Zigbee outlets will act as repeaters/routers.

Ah, that explains why some of my devices don’t show a zigbeeNodeType. Does this mean I need to remove and re-add them to get this to show up?