Question on zigbee routers

Can anybody tell me if the lightify gardenspots that Osram makes are zigbee repeaters or endpoint? And also the lightify strips? Are those zigbee repeaters?Is there a way I could tell in IDE whether a device is an endpoint or not?

Another question:

If I add a zigbee repeater (osram smart plug) near an endpoint device that WAS using the hub as it’s router, will that endpoint device then start using the smart plug as it’s router or do I have to reboot my hub for it to find the new/ closer route?

In other words, if I buy a bunch of Zigbee repeaters and I want endpoint devices to route to through them and not the hub, do I have to reboot my hub?

I’m approaching the 32 zigbee device limit. I’m trying to plan for the future. @tpmanley


The best way to get Zigbee devices to use new routers(repeaters) is to power of the hub for 15-30 minutes, which will cause devices to begin rebuilding the routing tables.

These faqs have more details:

Yep, all the lights made by OSRAM and Sylvania are Zigbee repeaters. The older OSRAM stuff does have some issues with routing which is improved by the firmware updates we have on the hub.

Not right now but that’s a good idea I can look into.

Like @TonyFleisher said you can power off the hub to force end devices to find another parent besides the hub. Otherwise it’s up to the individual devices to decide if they should select a different parent and there isn’t a general way to know if/when they are going to do that. If you’re having connectivity problems with some of your devices or you’re already at the 32 end device limit then powering off the hub for a bit would probably be helpful. Otherwise it might be counterproductive because it might cause some devices that can talk directly to the hub to instead go through a router which adds a little latency and the possibility of routing problems. Personally I never shutdown my hub to rebuild routes - instead I’m much more likely to power off a router to try to get an end device to connect to better parent.


You are the zigbee expert my friend…thanks!!!

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