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What's this in a device's event log, something new? (x device is a other of x device?)

Check this out. I was checking one of my zigbee device’s event log, and saw this:

and this:

I wonder if the ST guys may actually make available a zigbee mesh diagram and/or routing table?!

The device(s) above are GE Zigbee switches, but my Iris wall plugs are also doing this:

Sibling? Here’s one of my Halo Smoke detectors:



Man, there’s no sneaking anything past this community :sweat_smile:

What you are seeing is a side effect of some work I did back around the 0.25 release laying some initial ground work for us to explore potential tools to more easily debug Zigbee connectivity/mesh/device issues. I can not confirm or deny if this involves a Zigbee mesh diagram and/or routing table :wink:

These events would have started to show up in the IDE event logs with the most recent hub FW update and to be entirely honest this was not an intended feature. I would not expect them to stick around long term as these messages can be very misleading and on their own do not provide enough information to understand how your Zigbee mesh is routing messages.