Zigbee sensor end device and zigbee router

In Zigbee mesh network data is send from ZigBee end device to co-ordinator. Is there any possibility to send data from the Zigbee sensor End device to ZigBee router and if the coordinator is down still will it works.

A zigbee “router” is merely a repeater, like a light switch. In a Zigbee network that relies on a hub (the “coordinator”), a regular router cannot substitute for the hub. It does not perform most network functions and it doesn’t have a complete network address table.

In a zigbee mesh network, data is sent from an end device to a router and from there to either another router or eventually to the coordinator. If the coordinator is not functioning, the network will not be functional either.

The exception is devices using the ZLL (“zigbee light link”) profile. Or the similar features of zigbee 3.0. These do not require any coordinator, so they work just fine without one. This is commonly used for lightbulbs, or setups like a Phillips hue dimmer switch with some Phillips hue bulbs, but no Phillips hue bridge.

So don’t be confused by the use of the word “router” as a technical Zigbee term. It’s not something that can take over other network functions if the hub is not operating.



Is there any way to get Zigbee sensors data to Zigbee router instead of Zigbee coordinator for processing sensors data?. If yes, How it is possible?

Are you asking about direct binding? SmartThings does not support it.

You can do it in MQTT, but only for some devices. It is up to each device manufacturer whether they choose to support it or not.

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I am not asking about direct binding.

Actually I am using Two xbee s2c module, one as zigbee coordinator another as zigbee router. When smartthings button pressed data is visible at zigbee coordinator’s xctu serial monitor not at zigbee router’s xctu serial monitor, why this is happening?

Is it possible to get data at zigbee router and how it is possible?