Unknown Route (?) on zigbee devices


Lately I am seeing several zigbee devices reporting unknown route (???) in the IDE. These devices seem to be relatively unstable. I have tried turning them off as well as the hub for 30 mins or more in hopes of rebuilding the zigby mesh per another post I read. However, it seems like those devices end up again with the unknown route.

One of the devices reporting this is a smartthings multi sensor, the other is a crewe zigbee bulb.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Are they using Edge Drivers? The IDE has not been updated for the new architecture, so anything listed as “placeholder” may not show in a route report.

No, I haven’t moved either of these devices over yet. Presumably the smarthings multi sensor will migrate automatically. The cree I probably need to download the edge driver (if it exists)?

Though I assume the issue with the weird routing would still persist even with the new driver… I think?

but do any of the other zigbee devices show Placeholder as the Device Type in IDE?


As in other devices in my network? Some yes depending on if they are cloud devices or have migrated to edge drivers already.

Only referring to other zigbee devices connected directly to your hub. Because once a zigbee device starts using an Edge driver that is connected to your hub, if it is routing data for other zigbee devices… it will appear as an Unknown device in routing data of zigbee devices that still use groovy device handlers.

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Ah, I see where you are going now. Ok so I just checked and actually none of my zigbee devices have been migrated to edge yet. So I’m really stumped about the unknown route… I’m assuming this is related to reliability because those devices seen to be having trouble communicating consistently.

Routes shown in the IDE have never been very accurate. My zwave routes often showed circular references (Device A->Device B->Device A->Device C) and the question marks for Zigbee.

When I want to look at route data for Zwave I use a usb stick and join it as a secondary controller. Zigbee I’m blind.

The hope is that at some point the CLI will show route data for zwave and zigbee Edge devices straight from the radios.

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Ok, so in turns of device reliability or showing offline, should I assume I need to add further zigbee repeaters? These devices have seen solid for months and only now seem to be intermiteantly dropping off and showing unknown route.

How many ZIgbee devices are in your mesh? Number of repeaters is dependent on several factors including floor space and layout, placement and types of repeaters. Remember that any line powered device is generally a repeater (except for zigbee bulbs pre 3.0)

The hub can only manage 16 devices directly. Other devices will need to use another repeater as long as it has free slots available. Some repeaters are fairly low capacity due to low memory constraints (some of the IKEA repeaters only allow 6 children at a time).

A good rule of thumb is probably a repeating device for every 4-8 end devices depending on placement.

Also make sure your Zigbee channel is set to something non overlapping with WiFi (see link below.) You can change it the IDE (My Hubs->->View Utilities). Good choices are channel 15, 20 or 25, although some devices won’t work on other channels. If you change, you may have to re-pair some devices. Most should go into panic mode and find their new home within an hour.


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Anyone know how to view these routes in the new smartthings CLI? When I run a “smartthings devices x -v” it still doesn’t show it.

You can’t (yet?). Unfortunately it’s one of many things still needed on my list…

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