Device type needed - 45857GE Zigbee dimmer

I’m in need of a new device type. I’ve unstalled a GE Zigbee dimmer switch. It’s paired with ST as a Zigbee Dimmer, but some of the functionality is not working.

I can turn it on, off and dim. The state does not update when the manual switch is used. It also supports energy monitoring, that is not reflected either. Please let me know how I can help!

Where did you get those? Will need to see the reporting clusters and see what we can bind to to get switch status.

I had thought GE discontinued them in favor of zwave? Do these support LED and adaptive phase or are they forward phase only?

Purchased from Best Buy -

They do support LED. How do I capture the reporting clusters?

How tech savvy are you? Do you know the ide?

You will need to copy the devicetype to a custom devicetype, add this code:

def getClusters() {

"zdo active 0x${device.deviceNetworkId}"


And an action command at the top to call the function and the results will be in the full live log tab, not in the device tab.

It’s a long a cumbersome process.

I am curious, at that price point, do they support the instant on send commands back to the hub.

You should see a catchall: … everytime you press the switch in the logs in the ide. If you can just tell me that, I might be able to update the parse command to give you instant status for the devicetype.

As for energy usage, not sure how to poll for that, but maybe someone here can help.

You may not be able to get immediate feedback from the dimmer because of a lutron patent.

Surprised best buy is selling those… Must of had excess inventory, too bad they aren’t available in stores, otherwise I’d pick one up.

Hi @cmfraz, was there a reason for going with GE’s zigbee switch vs. their zwave version? I’d be curious to see how this switch treats LED bulbs because all I can see for specs is that is supports incandescent and dimmable CFL bulbs.

I’m out of town now, but I’ll do this tomorrow. I’m savvy, jut not a coder. :wink:

@johnconstantelo I needed a Zigbee device to repeat a Zigbee sensor that is just outside my hub range. I have several ZWave GE switches already too. So this guy seemed to fit the bill.

A GE ZIGBEE switch?!

What demon spawn is this?! lol

This is pretty cool! Has energy monitoring too?

EDIT: Look at all these switches available from GE with zigbee radios! Did GE give up on z-wave? Enhancing their market share?

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@cmfraz, yeah finding a zigbee repeater isn’t easy. I ended up using one of ST’s smartpower outlets!/products/smartpower-outlet

I wanted something less permanent, plus I’m trying to keep with zwave devices as much as possible. I have a handful of ST’s devices already, and with several GE bulbs I wanted to ensure good coverage. It was also $10 cheaper.

Hey @tslagle13, the energy monitoring is interesting. I figure GE felt that they were missing out on another home automation market segment for devices.

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These have been around for awhile, I’ve used them as examples of zigbee switches in multiple forum posts, including the one on actuator terminology. (These are “actuators” to zigbee while the identical form factor is a “switch” to zwave.)

Zigbee wall switches like these are used a lot in factory installations that have only zigbee, no zwave. (Nothing to do with SmartThings, just saying zigbee wall switches aren’t something new.)

Also one of the big expensive HA companies, Control4, uses zigbee switches, although not these. (edited to correct my error on rebranding, my thanks to @pstuart for catching that. )

The GE ones, like the Control4, ARE subject to the Lutron patent and many do NOT have instant update status last I heard. You have to check each model. I believe all the GE models do support zigbee binding though.

I’m guessing the Best Buy channel is a GE test for the consumer market, but if you check industrial channels you’ll find lots of “zigbee actuators” which are wall mounted switches. :blush:

There are some other manufacturers of zigbee light switches, which include instant update dimmers, as well.

Would love to know your source on these. I have a ton of Control4 dimmers and they are not in any way similar to these.

Plus all control4 zigbee devices, despite having HA cluster support route all commands and status through a custom zigbee cluster 0xc25c,d,e and not through the standard HA clusters for dimmers and switches, etc.

They won’t even pair in a control4 environment because of this and the lack of support for the large network block support.

So, since you’ve used them before, do you have a solid devicetype for them? Any ideas on how to get energy reporting?

Thanks for catching that, my error, I’ve corrected above. Both GE and Control4 were named in the Lutron patent infringement case on zigbee devices, I made the assumption then it was a rebrand, my bad.

I’ve seen lots of zigbee wall switches in factory installs, but never wrote a device type for them.

What do you consider “factory installs”?

Installations in factories and other industrial locations. As I’ve mentioned, I worked for IBM as a network engineer before the wheelchair thing. My first device handler was written for a commercial install at a nuclear power plant. Nothing to do with SmartThings, of course, this is years ago.

We classified projects as commercial installs, factory installs, agricultural installs, or residential installs.

Commercial installs are like big office buildings, big networks heavy on lighting and with more restricted temperature ranges.

Factory installs had wider temperature ranges, fewer people and more machines, much less lighting cases usually, typically zigbee only, at least those days, and very often valve actuators.

Agricultural installs meant anything outdoors, usually sensor nets.

Thanks for the breakdown. Factory to me means, straight from the factory, ie, the builder installed HA.

My F100 experiences started with Xerox as a Systems Analyst for color printing technologies. Fun times. Delta Es on color prints and accuracy was far better then the current lighting accuracy in HA :smile:

Anyway, thinking about getting my hands on this dimmer and seeing if it works better than the C4 dimmers I have. Need a few locations to add dimmers to I didn’t do with my C4 install… Too expensive, but at the best buy price point, that makes a lot more sense.

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I know all this. Just saying why is GE producing them. GE sank millions into Jasco. So wondering if they are thinking of switching gears.

The zigbee line is also being produced by Jasco, for GE. It’s a different antenna and chipset. You can find them on the Jasco site and official Jasco YouTube channel. Jasco 45857 for the zigbee inwall dimmer switch. So Jasco is still in the mix.

Berry interesting

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Is this what you are looking for?

yes and no. We need to see what clusters it reports on join and or responding to that getClusters function I posted above.

This will not be in the device specific logs, but the general logs.

Also, if you can unpair / remove the device, open the IDE and logging, re-add the device via the app and grab the join announcement in the logs, that would tell us what endpoints and clusters it reports back to ST on join.