Device Cross-Talk Problem?

I have a relatively simple set-up: perhaps six modules, plus the ST hub, a few sensors, Alexa integration, LANNouncer (I wrote it - so I’m no newbie) and two Z-Wave blinds, each with a dedicated button controller as well as integrated.

In the last week or so, with no new modules, the system has gotten “wonky.” Controlling one of the blinds with the button-controller turns on, but to 1%, one of the lights. Something else is doing the same (but 5%) to another light. And a relay module also has toggled with no discernable (yet) pattern.

This wasn’t happening two weeks ago. And, looking at the logs, I can see that no commands were sent, just that their status changed. Where-as all other changes show the command changing them.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? What should I check for?

What’s the make and model of the Things involved?

The blinds are Hunter Douglass I think? From Zebra, here. The modules that are getting turned on are G.E. and Leviton.

Personally, I would factory reset the modules sending the ghost commands.

Personally, I would factory reset the modules sending the ghost commands.

Easy to say. Factory resetting some devices requires rather time-consuming reconfiguration and re-pairing. And then there are the other problems…

The first challenge with that is that we don’t know where these commands (except one) are coming from. One happened late at night when nothing else was happening.

The other problem is that, given that SmartThings isn’t logging a ghost command (or any command), just a status change, it seems unlikely that it’s due to those devices. More likely it’s due to SmartThings itself.

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I have read some posts where people complaining about Smart Lighting not working as before. And things trigger when shouldn’t be.
You are probably right, something is going on in the background with Smartthing.

Try to look for automations maybe in the new app. You will might find it that you have linked something.

I generally don’t believe this kind of cross-talk. If two wires runs through the same terminal and has analog readings, then yes. But what you mean is rouge code somewhere wrongly controlling something.

Right, I agree that it’s not cross-talk in the analog sense. It just seemed an illustrative way to describe it.
Still using the old app. Will check for automations, but haven’t touched those in months.

I think some of the new app routines/automations are not displayed in the live log.

I seem to have solved this, the way so many others have… I bought a Hubitat.


By any chance, have you defined any custom automations even just for testing in the new app, and then deleted it?
There are a few topics about ghost automations triggering, even they were deleted before.

I never installed the newer app. I started to around a year ago, but it required Contacts permissions at least back then or it simply wouldn’t start, so I stayed on the “Classic” version.
So nope, no new automations, no new app. Just SmartThings being slightly psychotic. I’ve got cats, I don’t need that from the home too.


Update: I gave up, moved to Hubitat, and it’s been rock solid for 2.5 months now.
I never was able to identify the SmartThings ghosts.