What happens to Sonoff Switches ? (ZBMini L and ZBMini)

Hi people. All my Sonoff ZBMini L dropped down…lost their connection to ST Aeotec hub. All of them with new Zigbee Edge driver, I can pair them again but lost their connection again after 2 hours-2 days. I tested one of the ZBMini, and pair very fast but I cannot control it, On/Off actions stays at a permanent spinning of the button. Is there a special Edge Driver for them ? … Also, I cannot see ZBMini as a device in the ST App, only a Sonoff generic handler, ZBMini is in the list but “Not certified in México”…usually this fool regional issue does not affect…but now it does ?

Thanks for your kindly advice/comments…

I been running my Sonoff ZBMinis with the “ZigBee Switch Mc” driver for many months with no issues.


Hi my friend. Thanks for your advice… Did you add the driver after you install and pair the switch or after you install it. THANKS !

I will installed the driver 1st. Back then it was the only way since there were no alternative drivers.

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Oh…great my friend, so I suppose when I pair the device it takes the driver…if not I can change it manually…right ?

Yes, you should be able to change it.

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You saved me my friend, switches are running sharply with driver from Mariano…thanks !