Sonoff ZBMini L Integration?

Hi all,

I’m trying to add the Sonoff ZBMini L on a smart things hub. The devices are approximately 30 feet from each other, not direct line of sight but there is ‘fresh air’ between the 2. I’ve tried the various options from the SmartThings App, adding device by brand Sonoff (and SONOFF) adding by searching locally, none of which are working. I have of course been holding the button on the Mini to put it in to pairing mode. Any ideas? Thanks…

Mine do connect, but I have a different issue with them.

For adding them, I indeed searched for the sonoff brand, selected switch and there are 3 possibilities, the zbmini-l is one of the options. They paired perfectly.

The issue I’m having with them (2), they turn on and off at random and I have no clue why.
1 of them is in my hallway, controlled by 3 switches. It worked for a while, then suddenly the lights started to keep going on and off instantly. Turning a switch would make it stop. But not forever it seems, it randomly happens again. Sometimes they keep going, sometimes they do it 3-4 times within a minute and stop again.
The one in the garage, is controlled by 2 switches and acts the same. I have some issues with my connection back there, so the most annoying part is I can see the lights go on from inside the house, but the switch is offline or unresponsive. So I have to go out to turn the lights off, not knowing they will stay off.

I recently moved from wifi Sonoff mini’s en never had any issue with them. Neither with the regular ZBmini’s. Another drawback is these do not function as repeaters.

Yeah, I’ve got them paired, it was definitely a range thing. I installed some smart plugs to acts as repeaters, annoying that the Zbmini-L doesn’t do this, maybe that’s to do with that lack of neutral…

With regard to your issue, I’m very very new to this but you say ‘controlled by 3 switches’ (and the other with 2. Does that mean they’re getting turned on and off, are you sure they like this happening?? We’ve blanked off the switches to ours to prevent them getting powered off.

According to the schematics you can simply wire them at 1 end of the switch series. The one that follows through to the bulb.

It’s not like it’s not getting power, since it turns on and off by itself.

Maybe I need to look into what way the power is going. It’s possible I have the switches on the wrong end and that gives issues…