Sonoff ZBMINI Repetitive On/Off In App Only

I just installed and setup a Sonoff ZigBee Mini switch and it’s working fine except for the fact that it shows On/Off events every few minutes in the SmartThings app. The light connected to the physical switch isn’t actually being toggled, just the state in the app. Including the icon and button.

I was going to try a different driver but none are available in the app. I don’t have a lot of experience with ZigBee devices so any help would be appreciated.


For the ZBMINI you need to use @Mariano_Colmenarejo “ZigBee switch Mc” driver.

OK, and this might be a stupid question :slightly_smiling_face:, but how do I do that?

I’ve gone into the device details and Driver but there’s nothing available.

I’ve gone to the “SmartThings Drivers (Beta)” site and I don’t see that one listed.

Nevermind. Scratch that. I answered my own question.

I found a link to enroll in those Edge drivers and installed the ZigBee Switch MC one.

I changed the driver on my device. I’ll monitor it for a while to make sure it fixes the issue.


I also had issues with zbminis and stock edge driver
See this thread. Issue for be was an echo effect where switch when off on off rather than straight off
Same on turning on.
This problem disappeared when I switched to Mariano’s driver.

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Yep, the device works fine now with this new driver.

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