SONOFF ZBMINI Zigbee Two Way Smart Switch

Hi Everybody!!
I have a problem with zbmini in my ST; after one day running ok, suddenly appears offline and I can’t get him out of that state; I have restarted it and always is offline; any suggestions please?

Mario Lázaro

Try add some repiters

If you have a v2 hub, yesterday there was an update of the version of the zigbee controller to 5.2.1, If so it may be related.

Does activating and deactivating the switch manually update the status in ST?

Did you check the switch connection metrics in IDE?

In any case, to remake the zigbee mesh you can turn off the hub for 5 minutes, if it is v2 remove the battery too.
When you turn it on, the devices will try to connect again by the highest quality route they find.
If you see that with 5 minutes it is not remade, leave it off for 20 or 30 minutes.