Wemo Switch works currently with Smartthings?

Hello. Is anyone currently using Wemo switches and / or outlets with smartthings?? I have seen older posts where everybody states that they were able to make them work but only after lot of steps and using multiple apps. So I am wondering if now Smartthings fully and smoothly support Wemo without all these complications.

I have four Wemo switches and five Wemo outlets all working with SmartThings. Just run the Wemo Connect SmartApp and you’re good to go.

If you have WeMo switches , I would wait a couple weeks until the super LAN connect app is released.

What is that super LAN connect app? How will that affect/help wemo?

From what I understand, this app automatically searches your network for compatible products for SmartThings to add. Makes adding new WiFi/LAN devices easier.

Currently smartthings already look for devices in my network right? What would be the difference?

Where can I find the wemo connect smart app? After quick search in smartapps in smartthings I did not see it. Or in what category is it located?

Currently the network search is product specific; you must select the type of device to search for. The new one is not.

It is under ‘Marketplace’, ‘Things’, ‘SmartThings Labs’.

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So this will be like an app upgrade or a new function added or like a smartapp that will do that function?

I’m guessing SmartThings will remove the old connect apps for the following devices:

:black_small_square:️Hue lights
:black_small_square:️Bose speakers
:black_small_square:️Samsung speakers
:black_small_square:️Sonos speakers
:black_small_square:️Wemo light switches (in wall and plug-in module)
:black_small_square:️Wemo motion sensor

And they will be replaced by the new Super LAN Connect App. I’m not part of the beta so I don’t know for sure.

It eliminates the need to all of the individual xxxx(connect) apps that are mostly cloud to cloud. It is a simgle super app that allows ST to connect directly over your LAN to all of your other LAN devices, like Hue, Wemo, Sonoes. I’m assuming this is a preamble to the previously announced Lutron integration.

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I have three WeMo in Wall switches and one WeMo switch. I also have 3 iHome IPS5 and one IPS8.

thanks everyone for your responses. By the way, do you know something similar to Wemo switches that works well and maybe a bit cheaper?

I know nothing that is as unreliable and flaky as a WeMo switch .

What do you mean by similar ? WeMo is WiFI. Other switches ( GE, Leviton ) are going to be Z-wave or ZigBee. Lutron uses their own system and require a Lutron bridge.

If you want something that isn’t Z-Wave or Zigbee I have found the iHome plugin units inexpensive IPS5 and haven’t had a problem with the integration with ST. But I would stay with Z-Wave or Zigbee that plugs directly into ST without a inbetween app.

so @RLDreams by your comment “I know nothing that is as unreliable and flaky as a WeMo switch” you mean that those Wemo switches are not a good option? if so then you reccommend GE or Leviton better instead of Wemo ?

Hi Aldo – The devil is in the details of what you would find acceptable from a user point of view. As noted, adding WeMo devices through the SmartThings app is necessary. You’d need to slect “SmartApps,” Add a SmartApp, and then select the WeMo (Connect) option. It then scans the network for devices, at which point you can select them for inclusion in the SmartThings app.

Going forward, selecting the Wemo (Connect) application is necessary to rescan and add new WeMo devices.

If you’re looking for something easier, I personally don’t know of a way—but I’m no expert on WeMo / SmartThings integration–I only use a couple of WeMo devices.

The SmartThings application is very clear that it’s not supported by them, and that the reliability may not be desirable.

I grabbed a couple WeMo switches a couple years ago just because they were among the first devices with Alexa skill. They worked fine with Alexa, but even with static IP addresses would fail with the WeMo app and with ST. As I stated ST is soon to release a new LAN connect app, so that should greatly improve the reliability ( or I assume so anyways) with ST. I fear there is no help for the WeMo app itself.
GE( Jasco) and Leviton are Z-wave and ZigBee not WiFi. So they will help to improve your mesh.

Which is " better" is a matter of personal choice. Personally I prefer Leviton dimmers because there is an LED bar on them that shows and controls the dim level. GE you just press on/off until they are at the level you want. GE are a lot easier to find on sale. The GE have a blue LED , Leviton LED is green. Some people don’t like mixing colors and want all the switches the same. If it is a light that you plan on manually dimming regularly I would go with Leviton. If you are more of a set & forget, want fan controllers to match light switches or plan on setting dim level with Alexa or other automation trigger than save the $$ and go with the GE.

thanks @RLDreams for your comments. I know that GE works with both Zigbee and Z-wave but for Leviton what I have read in the help that the smartthings app offer it only mention that it works using Z-wave. I prefer at this point Zigbee because I have already smartthings motion sensors, multipurpose sensors and outlets and all of them works using Zigbee so I would prefer to attach to that protocol to increase my mesh network. Do you konw if Leviton also offers Zigbee?