Wemo switches not connecting

I recently bought some 2 wemo dimmer switches and 1 regular smart switch. After setting everything up, only 1 of them synced with smartthings. I reset the switches and tried again and now I can’t get smartthings to detect ANY of them. I tried resetting the switches multiple times and tried using my 2g network instead of 5g but nothing has helped so far. The switches work fine through the wemo app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Well i have a strange thing with Wemo,
i have 2 Dimmer Sw and a wall Plug already setup on the Wemo App.
when i do add something with SmartThing App as soon as it start scanning it just add all 3 devices without asking.
If i delete those 3 devices then next time i add a new Zigbee or Zwave devices they come back.
very weird… I just toss then in a Spare Room when i put unused paired device.
So you may try to get them working on your Wemo APP first then they should all add up.