Super LAN Connect Beta - Round 2

(Tim Slagle) #1

Help us test a new way of adding devices!

We are ready to begin beta testing of our next big thing, Super LAN Connect, which provides enhanced LAN-connected devices support. Help us uncover bugs, anomalies and let us know what you did and did not like about the experience.

Requirements for Testing

  • Must be willing and able to test
  • Willingness to reset at least 1 LAN device in your home and add it back into your “things” list. (not a necessity for participation)
  • Should have any of the following devices (they are the only ones that are currently supported).
  • Hue lights
  • Bose speakers
  • Samsung speakers
  • Sonos speakers
  • Wemo light switches (in wall and plug-in module)
  • Wemo motion sensor

What to expect

The new Super LAN Connect is a background service that runs on top of the current “Add Device” experience. It will search for LAN devices on your network and add them automatically to to your SmartThings setup. If you have LAN devices currently installed we will migrate them to the new experience. Once the migration is complete your “Connect” apps will no longer appear in your “SmartApps” section in the mobile app.


  • Custom “Connect” apps will not be supported at this time
  • If you replaced the device handler installed by the official “Connect” app it will migrate your custom device handler to our code base.
  • We will be sharing the device handler code for these devices so you can migrate any special features over to the new code.

To Get Started fill our beta participation form.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to help us test our new LAN device experience.

I am sure I missed things and details so if you have any questions ask them. :slight_smile:


Please enter the email address with which you have your SmartThings hubs associated.

(Marc Kurtz) #3

I have a Hue Bloom that is directly connected to the ST hub (no Hue Bridge). Will that configuration work with Super LAN Connect? Do I need to use a specific DH to get Super LAN Connect to recognize the Hue Bloom?

(Tim Slagle) #4

It will not.

This is for LAN devices only.


Does this mean I can’t use ring connect or Harmony hub connect while participating in the beta?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #6

Will this round include opting in devices first or will they still be added automatically and then have to remove the ones I don’t want in ST?


New round is just to get more beta users to test out new migration. No work on opt in yet.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #8

So do you need existing testers to sign up again?

(Joel W) #9

I have been waiting for this, I signed up and now waiting to see if I am approved. Fingers are crossed.


Existing tester don’t need to sign up again.


There is no approval, if you have LAN devices, we are more than happy to get you into the beta list :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #12

Thanks, already signed up. I can’t wait to get WeMo working like it should.

(Brian Diehl) #13

I signed up. I’ve got Hue and Sonos.

(Danielle) #14

I’m game. I have 7 sonos speakers

(Bobby) #15

What about labs? My Life 360 and Harmony are still showing in the app, no custom code…

Oh …and I may have missed the details, but how do I delete a service manger from ide, if I want to remove the hue, for example…


Life360 and Harmony are Cloud Connected services and are not included in this beta.

(Bobby) #17

Oops, dahhhh!

(Joel W) #18

Bring it on, been hoping for this for a long while.

(Joel W) #19

How does Super LAN Connect deal with WeMo after a power outage or hub reboot? As it is now the regular WeMo connect no longer recognizes the WeMo, and they must be removed from the IDE device list and remove WeMo connect and start discovery all over again. Of course this is a huge pain as all automations will not work until the devices are again selected for each app.

(Dale C) #20

Am I supposed to be receiving an email about what you want us to do on this round 2 for testing? Since the first round I now have a new Hue Hub and lights plus a new Sonos speaker. Do we post in the private thread for this round for questions and or comments like this?

I have been having issues with my WeMo motion not being able to add. When I try to add it first to the WeMo app it finds it but for whatever reason, the WeMo sees my local WiFi and I am able to enter in my local WiFi credentials however it won’t successfully connect, it just keeps spinning on that screen. So I am not able to get SmartThings Super LAN to even see it yet.

FYI; It use to work using the WeMo app but I deleted it and started over because ST lost comm with it under the Round 1 of Beta.