Wemo switch cannot be added to ST

I have two wemo switches and they work perfectly fine with wemo app and google home. But I cannot add them to Smartthings. I tried to add them from Smartthings Labs (Wemo switch labs) and Wemo connect advanced smart app. Neither of them could find the switches, they just keep searching.

Is there other smartapp I could try? Or could it be my network issue? Thanks.

I’ve had problems trying to add it as well.

The only way I could get my switches and plugs to work was to use the smart app from mujica on github called “Wemo (Connect) Advanced”. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it works perfectly.

Also remember to install the device handlers as well along with it.

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Thanks a lot. I did tried that “Wemo advanced” smartapp (device handlers installed), but still cannot find the switches.

How long did it take to find all of your switches? a few seconds? I think I only let it search for like 5 minutes then I gave up.

I will try to re-install it again to see if that works. Thanks a lot.

Once I installed the smartapp it picked them up instantly. But you don’t add them the normal way by adding a thing. You have to add them by launching the smartapp and clicking on “Discovery process”. Once I did that they started showing up right away.


Re-installed it last night and still cannot find any. What kind of switches do you have? Mine is this http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F7C027/.

How Wemos connect to ST changed some time back.

You should be able to just go to Add a Thing in the ST mobile app and let it search (no need to go to ST Labs). If the Wemos are on your LAN then ST should find them this way.

FYI, you do the same now for any LAN devices, eg, Sonos.

Oh that’s the smart plug. I have the wall switches and the mini smart plugs. I’ve never tested that exact model.

My first 8 I added last year worked this way. I just added them and they were discovered. Then it stopped working for some reason and the only way I could get the wall switches or mini’s to add was using the smartapp.

No idea what changed but it just stopped working. I hope they don’t break it in the future.

Okay fair enough. I haven’t had any issues myself or had to install any other apps to make things work.

That what I thought at beginning. But unfortunately no matter what I used, ST still cannot find them. Do you also use this type of plug? http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F7C027/

I do, yes. I have 5 of those and 4 in-wall switches. I will admit that all mine were added to ST before the newer way of connecting and it’s obvious some folks do have trouble with connectivity. I guess I’ve been lucky.

ST has had a history of issues with Wemo. One such problem was if the IP address of the Wemos changed over time. But I know they resolved that one.

Thanks. I might try to re set up my routers. Currently I have two routers which are wireless bridged. Smartthings hub is attached to the secondary router. I think that might cause the problem. I will report back.

Sounds like they are but the Wemos must be on the same subnet as the ST hub.