Super LAN Connect Beta!

Help us test a new way of adding devices!

We are ready to begin beta testing of our next big thing, Super LAN Connect, which provides enhanced LAN-connected devices support. Help us uncover bugs, anomalies and let us know what you did and did not like about the experience.

Requirements for Testing

  • Must be willing and able to test
  • Willingness to reset at least 1 LAN device in your home and add it back into your “things” list. (not a necessity for participation)
  • Should have any of the following devices (they are the only ones that are currently supported).
  • Hue lights
  • Bose speakers
  • Samsung speakers
  • Sonos speakers
  • Wemo light switches (in wall and plug-in module)
  • Wemo motion sensor

What to expect

The new Super LAN Connect is a background service that runs on top of the current “Add Device” experience. It will search for LAN devices on your network and add them automatically to to your SmartThings setup. If you have LAN devices currently installed we will migrate them to the new experience. Once the migration is complete your “Connect” apps will no longer appear in your “SmartApps” section in the mobile app.


  • Custom “Connect” apps will not be supported at this time
  • If you replaced the device handler installed by the official “Connect” app it will migrate your custom device handler to our code base.
  • We will be sharing the device handler code for these devices so you can migrate any special features over to the new code.

To Get Started fill our the beta participation form.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to help us test our new LAN device experience.

I am sure I missed things and details so if you have any questions ask them. :slight_smile:


Will this work on V1 hubs?

Question was asked in the developer call, they said it should but they haven’t tested on V1 yet.

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I completed the beta participation form for another beta, do I need to complete one for this as well?

Glad to see this network discovery, makes a lot of sense.

Not sure I fully grok above…can someone explain (maybe w/a screen shot) what this means? What is meant by "your ‘Connect’ apps) and where will they end up, if not on the Smartapps section?


This form is specific for this test, asks which devices you are willing and able to test.

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Yes. Features are tested and enabled using individual switches. Just because you are on one list doesn’t mean you will receive access to all early access programs.

Please email your feedback or issues on/with Super LAN Connect to Other questions should continue to be submitted to

Aaron, was this response to me? It doesn’t make sense to my question.

I will try this. I have a Samsung M7 speaker. I have another one that is disconnected because integration was not great. All I use the one for is big voice app.

Sorry… to clarify - each beta feature we are testing is managed by a different list. Some we are posting publicly (like this), while others were sent under with private invites. Just because you are on one feature list does not mean you are on all of them; we will not switch the features on for you unless you sign up for that specific list.

The TL;DR is yes - fill out the form each time.

This is all so cool. Smartthings are finally engaging the vast resources of the community to do beta testing. YAY!!! :tada:


Gotcha… thanks

The way things work currently is that for every LAN integration you enable, you have a separate Service Manager SmartApp. So if you have a Philips Hue system and a Bose speaker, you have two installed SmartApps that are controlling those devices.

We’ve made large improvements to the platform to reduce the complexity of this type of setup. In the future, instead of having individual Service Managers to communicate with each device on your LAN, you’ll be utilizing native features of our platform to handle communication. You’ll no longer see “Sonos (Connect)” or other Service Managers installed in the IDE.

When we enable this beta feature for you you’ll be able to go to the “Add a thing” menu to migrate all of your existing compatible integrations.


Will this work for UDP devices (LIFX on LAN not cloud please!!!)

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Do you know when this beta is going to start?

This sounds like this will be a great addition to the app.

I will be preparing for the beta this week. Expect invites no later than Friday but probably much sooner.


Give me enough warning so I can reinstall a WeMo switch. I replaced them all with Z-wave. Was tired of always getting lost. LOL

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Can I still sign up for the beta please

@Tim is it possible to still get on the beta?

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