WeMo added in ST, does all control now happen in ST?

I’ve had a WeMo insight switch working fine in WeMo app for a light ok on/ off sequences.

Other day ST in the UK made some WeMo fully compatible. I’ve added the insight into ST and can see it in ST using the WeMo connect smartapp.

However the light now hasn’t been coming on. Is this because it’s now controlled by ST and I have to program it in ST? Putting it on ST, even though my WeMo app is still installed and had sequence, mean ST now controls it?

If so how do I get a basic on at a time, off at a time, using rule machine?


Use the app Smart Lighting.

I should say it’s an outlet which has a light attached rather than an actual bulb.

So is it better to use a smartapp or a routine?

As said above, just use the smart lighting app.
Just go to marketplace. Smartapps. Lights and Switches. Open Smart lighting.

Thanks I was confused by the lighting bit, but as you said it does outlets as well thanks.

So what about the WeMo app now? Do I still program anything in there, or do I delete my old rules in WeMo as now ST controls it?

What if have you have a rule in WeMo and ST?

I do not use WeMo for anything other than the initial configuration of the device.

It’s up to you really. ST has more options, well Rule Machine inside ST has more options than the WeMo app does. Good luck getting it to stay working for more than a month though. In my experience after initial configuration ST forgets how to talk to your WeMos. I use IFTTT to talk between the two, works great minus the lag.

I mention how I did it here.

I do not have any issues with my WeMo Switch, WeMo Insight or any of my WeMo bulbs. They have been running via ST rules etc. faultlessly (as long as you ignore ST issues).
I have given my WeMo devices and ST hub fixed IP addresses on my router as I believe this increases stability and reliability.
Perhaps that is why I have relatively few issues. :grinning: