WEMO support

Is there still work going on for this integration? Specifically the addition of the WEMO light switch.

Probably want get an answer to this. I have see it asked numerous times and ST ignores the question. That said Wemo has added a long tap IFTTT action. I use it to cut off all my light switches at once. I set one switch that when I long tap it it cuts off all my Wemo light switches. Then I use “big turn off” to turn everything else off

In the 4/2/14 Developer Office Hour it was mentioned that this was still being worked on, haven’t watched 4/16 but it does sound like it’s coming but I don’t think it’s going to be “soon” I’d be more than willing to be be wrong about that.

I hate that because I really like their light switches. The motion sensors and android app leave a lot to be desired.

Yeah I can understand the frustration, but from also working in software development I can understand the challenges of setting deadlines for yourself and client expectations. On top of the usual challenges, they are trying to provide a bulletproof experience to end users while not having 100% control of the hardware/software situation, tough stuff. Best of luck ST team!

Has anybody been able to get the light switches to work? The WEMO smart app finds them but they do not show up in Things or Dashboard.

I got them to work. I got an error when I tried to save the switches in the smart app. I deleted the smart app and loaded it again and everything worked. It found my 7 switches and 7 light switches.

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