Weekend project!

This is whats going on this weekend!


Let me know how the fan controller works. I am assuming you got these at Lowes??

The fan controllers i did. everything else i got from amazon. Amazon kept having spotty stock of the fan controllers.

I wonder if they will work. I know some of those Iris devices were not compatible with ST.

fan controller has SmartThings logo =)

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The fan controller works great! I’m using one with ST and echo


@rey_rios, every one of those in the picture above will work just fine. I have the fan controller, switch, and dimmer from both this new version from GE, and the older ones Lowes sold not too long ago. They’re all Zwave, and will work with ST.

But that fan controller won’t separately control a light, right?

Right. Just the fan control.

What’s all the devices lowes sells that are z wave . I thought most of the iris stuff was zigbee

Iris is a mix of zigbee and zwave devices.

Does iris zigbee and z wave both work with smarthings ?

@Ryan00 Yes, but only their gen 2 devices in the purple boxes, not the old gen 1 devices in plastic clamshell packaging. The zwave stuff has always worked with ST. I use a lot of the zwave stuff Lowes sells.

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Cool. Nice to know. In the past they use to be a closed platform. Thanks for posting.

Almost done! (took 3x longer since i can never figure out which is load and which is line…



That is a sharp looking install! I like that.

I have found that the electrician that wired my house (2 years old) always put the load on the top of the switch. I still double check it when I open the box.

With the switch in the off position finds the wire that is still hot and find the one that’s not. Turn it on, and when the meter reads more than zero, bingo! I like to stick a piece of masking tape on the hot wire to remind me not to put it in my mouth… Lol

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Weekend project Part 2!
(lowes trip!)

Looks like someone stole your recessed lights from the box. :wink:

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Already installed them! lol!