Controlling a fan and light combo

I currently have a fan with lights on it controlled by a single switch. Trying to turn this into a smart fan. Was thinking of placing a ge fan controller and the Aeon labs smart dimmer in the base of the fan to make it controllable and just leaving the switch it is currently connected to always on. That seems doable to me.

What I would like is to also have 2 switches on the wall that can communicate somehow to the ge fan controller and the smart dimmer, they can be battery powered. Haven’t found anything that can toggle another z-wave device though. I have a smartthings hub as well as a Google home. Any ideas on how/if this can be done? Thanks!

There is some new stuff coming down the line for fans, here is the discussion. It looks promising.

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You could add a couple of these to control the fan and lights, assuming they work with the ge fan controller. IRIS Button

Thanks! Looks like there is some promise on getting that to work. Now I just need to see if I can actually buy it.