Iris Door/Window Sensors?

Has anyone used the Iris Door/Window sensors yet?

They are significantly cheaper than most door sensors… at only 19.99 each.

Most of the Iris items will “not” work with ST as they are not Z-Wave and the protocol they use (Zigbee I think) has been reported as being a tweaked version such that ST cannot see it.

I tried this door/window sensor and a motion sensor. Both were a no-go.


Interesting though, that they use a standard GE light switch with Z-Wave…

Well, thanks for saving me the frustration :slight_smile:

I’ve been using some of the devices that are sold as being compatible with the Iris with no problems.

The devices that I have are the Utilitech Siren, GE Dimmer Switches, Utilitech Water / Leak Detector, and the GE Outdoor Module.

General rule of thumb that I’ve gotten from the Iris devices is if they are branded as Iris, they won’t work. If they are a different brand but say that they are compatible with Iris, they should work.

I also read that the thermostat that they sell from the Iris will also work with SmartThings.

Awesome Brock! thanks for the info. I am going to pick up a few of these water sensors and place them around the house.

I agree with Brock and apologize for not mentioning it in my first reply. The other things that “work with Iris” are Z-Wave items and do work with Smartthings and other systems too. Due to cost and local availability, I’ve purchased several of the GE wall switches from the Iris display to use with ST. The water/flood sensor looks like a repackaged Everspring unit. I have not bought one from Lowes but do have the Everspring ones.

I actually grabbed two more 2-way switches yesterday. They are literally just an updated Jasco 45609… but cheaper! :slight_smile:

They had a fairly nice “iris booth”. I was surprised…

Now I just need a big discount coupon for Lowes…

Same here. I bought all my wall switches there because they were cheaper and more available than any where else. Outlets work too because they are just all Jasco units that have been branded as different things over the years. As Jim mentioned, the door sensors will not work. I tried one when they first came out. They are Zigbee but have some special key they are passing back and forth that is not public and therefore Smartthings cannot use them. There is another post on here if you search where someone from Smartthings mentioned that they heard that Iris would eventually make them public, but I doubt that will ever happen.

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does anyone know if this Schlage lock would work with it as it says Iris and Nexia?

I made the mistake of ordering a bunch of the IRIS sensors (door/window, “panic button”, appliance outlet control, and siren) the same day that I ordered my ST “Know your Home” kit because it was cheaper and I saw somewhere that they would work.

I should have spent more time reading up, because today when I finally got around to setting everything up I found that the majority of them were not-quite-standard Zigbee and wouldn’t work. Fortunately I returned them to a local Lowe’s, get a refund directly to my card, came home and ordered Z-Wave standard gear from Amazon.

The siren (Utilitech 0422360) is explicitly marked Z-Wave on the back, so hopefully it will integrate ok.

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@Bill Bradford - I’d like to find out how the Utilitech siren works out for you.

In my RV, I use this Fortrezz siren. It’s not super loud or piercing. I’d like to replace it with something more frightening and still be DC powered.


@jbeletti I have the Utilitech siren, and it works quite well. Functionality wise, there’s no way yet to pick audible or visible, so it’s either on or off (sound and lights).

I have mine in my bedroom, so it’s definitely loud enough to wake me up and beat my eardrums. If I go down to my living room, the siren can be heard, but it’s not loud enough to wake you up.

I took a look at the FortezZ siren, and it seems like it’s actually louder than the Utilitech siren.

Hope this helps.