IRIS-Lowes sensors and V2.0 Hub compatibility

Hi Folks. Forgive the first post, and potentially rehashed topic, but I can’t seem to find any conversations on if the 2.0 hub changes the game for allowing connectivity with Lowes/IRIS sensors (Open Close/Motion specifically). Does someone know the answer, or can point me to a previous thread on this topic? This site looks awesome for pulling down “similar” topics, but can’t seem to find anything post the 2.0 release. Thanks!

No game changer with v2 hub for that iris motion and contact sensor. Those products will only work with iris hub.

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Smartthings uses the standard Zigbee home automation 1.2 profile. (ZHA 1.2)

Those Iris sensors use a proprietary zigbee profile.

So they can’t be used together. We keep hearing rumors that
Iris is going to switch to the standard ZHA profile, but so far they haven’t.

Got it, thank you, Ray!.. And JD!

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Yeah, to bad Iris didn’t think about staying with standards as much as possible. If they would have done that I would have bought all the door and motion sensors I could get my hands on. Their loss I guess. Lowes is where I bought all my GE switches from, so they got some of my business, but they lost out on even more.

I was just at Lowes this morning and the shelves are full of their devices and they’re on sale - 50% off. Maybe they’re getting ready for something different…

I second that as well. Possible they are selling at a lower price because they will make that back on the monthly subscription fee?

That is one place where Home Depot and their Wink won ( Even though the Wink hub is barely useful as a door stop. Too light ) . All the sensors at HD are standard open protocol and will work with any hub. Lowe’s wanted their own pay to play subscription service.

The smoke andvsmokevco2 work as does the siren and leak detectors

That’s because they are First Alert, and Utilitech Z-wave that " work with " Iris. The GE outdoor module is the regular GE ZWoutdoor switch and " work with" Iris.
It is all of the “Lowe’s Iris” branded Zigbee sensors will only work within the Iris
I was not referring to the " works with" products.

well the utilitech is made for iris and has iris specific stuff on the packaging. so it is branded…

The items specifically with just the Iris logo are the ones that don’t work, and if they did I believe they would have sold a lot more. All the other devices with actual company names like Utilitech, GE, etc all say “work with Iris” because they are zwave devices. They did themselves wrong thinking that trying to create a closed system in today’s connected world.

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yep I agree… thanks… their hub sucks… it wouldn’t connect said I need to open up port 80 and 443 which are always open … I have other devices using thm… they told me to call Comcast… returned stuff except leak and smoke… evaluated almond+ not bad but too slow adding support for new devices and not open… now onto smartthings.

Sure…the Iris branded devices don’t use the HA profile but that doesn’t mean they can’t be integrated. The devices just require a special profile level message to be sent when they join and the power reports and control for something like the Smart Plug are on their own profile id – it is all valid ZigBee stuff that I would think would work fine on SmartThings.

I was able to get a Smart Plug to join a Digi gateway (has an XBee inside) just fine using the python support: Others have been able to talk directly with the Smart Plug through Arduinos/XBees (,

I hacked around a little bit to see if I could get the Smart Plug to work by creating a custom device in Smart Things but in the end I wasn’t able to figure out how to get it discovered and didn’t dive too deep since there aren’t many existing ZigBee device examples where they use custom profiles…but I’d think someone from SmartThings who is more skilled in creating new device types would be able to take the above links and get the Iris stuff (at least the Smart Plug) working.

Iris now uses the 1.2 I’m using a open/close right now with V2.0 hub it also does temp just make sure the box says 1.2 I’m sure this was said and I missed it

Tim that is awesome news and thanks for taking the time to come back and post that update.

I’ll second Tim’s comment. I have 3 of the new Iris Motion Sensors and they not only work, but their refresh rate is tremendously faster than other sensors I’ve used. They refresh in a minute. This makes them great for use in complex rules using Rule Machine.

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Can you tell me how you got them to pair? I just bought six of them assuming they’d work after reading here but they don’t show up.

Slightly off topic but monoprice motion sensors also have configurable reset times.

BTW any idea on how the battery life is and if they have one of those pet options?

Assuming you got the ones in the purple box, they pair up just like any other device. Just start the include process on your phone, and pull the plastic tab from the battery compartment. If you’re close to your hub, you should see the next steps fairly quick; otherwise, it may take a second or two.

If nothing will join, reboot the hub and try again. I’ve got tons of the Iris devices, and these things work great.

I have a few of the monoprice motion sensors, some for almost a year in active locations. I still have a couple reporting 100%, a couple no lower than 95%, and 1 no lower than 50% in a very active area. These don’t have the pet option like the Ecolink motion sensors do.

I was referring to the Iris sensors, if they have the pet sensor mode. The monoprice ones have a range jumper instead of a per jumper, but I was curious about the battery life and pet mode for the Iris ones.