Sensors/Switches Locally?

Hey Guys,

Does Home Depot or Lowes sell anything that is compatible with the SmartThings? I know some of them can be ordered online, I’m looking for retail outlets :slight_smile:

Yes, at Lowes, in the Iris section, look at the GE wall switches and outlets. They are Z-Wave and will work with ST. I’m using several of the GE wall switches from Lowes with ST but have not tried the outlets. Should work fine though.

Any of the GE/Jasco switches, dimmers and outlets work.

I should have said “As long they are zwave”

Thanks for the tip guys! I have purchased a few more. :slight_smile: Going back tomorrow to get a few more tomorrow. I am debating on getting rid of my WEMO Light Switches for the IRIS ones so I can have everything the same. Hmmmmmm