Sensors/Switches Locally?

(Tony Policano) #1

Hey Guys,

Does Home Depot or Lowes sell anything that is compatible with the SmartThings? I know some of them can be ordered online, I’m looking for retail outlets :slight_smile:

(Jim Beletti) #2

Yes, at Lowes, in the Iris section, look at the GE wall switches and outlets. They are Z-Wave and will work with ST. I’m using several of the GE wall switches from Lowes with ST but have not tried the outlets. Should work fine though.

(Todd Wackford) #3

Any of the GE/Jasco switches, dimmers and outlets work.

(Todd Wackford) #4

I should have said “As long they are zwave”

(Tony Policano) #5

Thanks for the tip guys! I have purchased a few more. :slight_smile: Going back tomorrow to get a few more tomorrow. I am debating on getting rid of my WEMO Light Switches for the IRIS ones so I can have everything the same. Hmmmmmm