Weekend Project - iPad Mini wall mount

I thought I’d share my fun weekend project in hopes of inspiring someone else to duplicate or improve on it. I was inspired by @huydnguyen’s project here. The goal was a clean, simple wall mount for an iPad Mini that could also keep it charged and be easily removable to play around with (and also not cost a fortune :moneybag:). Here’s the result:

Here’s the list of parts (along with links and prices):

The first several steps were pretty straightforward once I had the parts. Below is the before shot. I previously had the iPad mounted with the picture hanging strips, but had to take it down every once and a while to charge and couldn’t leave it on all the time.

  1. Cut the hole in the wall for the recessed outlet box
  2. Run the wire from the switch next to it
  3. Wire in the outlet
  4. Install the cover plate

Installing the wireless charger right on top would have been recessed too far, so I had to find something to mount it to to make it stick out more. I started off by sticking in one of those child safety outlet covers in the outlet. Then I realized that the magnetic half of the SmartSense Multi was the perfect size. I had a couple of these lying around because I am using the 3-axis sensor for my garage doors instead of the contact sensor. I took the magnet out, then stuck it on top of the outlet cover with some of the mounting tape. Then, I plugged in the short USB cable that came with the charger, arranged it nicely and stuck the charger on top of the multi piece with some more mounting tape.

Next, I plugged the wireless receiver into the iPad and stuck it on the back with some more mounting tape. Finally, I used the picture hanging strips on the back of the iPad and on the frame of the box to mount the iPd to the wall, careful to make sure the wireless charger and receiver lined up correctly.

Stick it on and it looks great, stays charged, and its still easy to take off and play with. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Very cool… I’m curious why you used the wireless charger instead of just connecting a charging cable directly. Since you have to plug the receiver in I’m not sure what the benefit is. If the iPad supported this wireless charging device directly I would understand, but since it doesn’t I don’t understand the benefit. What am I missing?

Two reasons:

  1. I really like the way that wireless receiver is basically unseen from the front. I haven’t seen any regular cables like that.
  2. The wireless charger makes it a little more convenient when pulling it on and off often which my family does. No need to take the extra step of plugging it in.

aaah got it. family-proofing… we’ve all been there.

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Very cool. Let’s see if that bottom strip holds going over the cable.

I’ll let you know if it seems to be a problem. I’m not worried about it falling or anything, the top one would hold it if that bottom one did come off for some reason, but I don’t expect that it will.

Nice! And how’s the WAF?

She loves it. Just asked me to do the same upstairs :smiley:!


How long does it take to charge?

Good question… I’ll see if I can get an answer. The test I’m doing today will be to see if it maintains charge if I leave Perch running all day.

So bad news. If you want to have the iPad on all day, it seems like wireless charging (at least using these components I used) will not work. The battery continues to drain when it is left on, even with the brightness turned down. For normal usage, it seems great. The iPad is at 20% right now, I’ll see how long it takes to get back up to 100% and post that result as well. See updates below.

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I may actually have an update on this. I just re-aligned the iPad and it seems to be charging much quicker now, and even charging when the screen is left on. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow and post another update.

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Wireless chargers are very finicky as far as placement goes. It has to be nearly perfect to get the best charging.

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Ya that’s why when I did my build i had to make sure my tablet lined up with the wireless charger perfectly. My setup keeps my tablet fully charged for all my usecases. Except one. I use a dropcam as a baby monitor so when my daughter is napping I have the tablet running the dropcam app (always on, doesn’t sleep the screen) so i can hear the audio. With this app running my battery drains faster then the wireless can charge. But it still lasts hours so by the time she’s awake from her nap, I close the dropcam app and launch the SmartTiles and the tablet is back to charging to full capacity.

Yes, definitely. I see how important the alignment is. After realigning the iPad, it will now keep its charge while running Perch all day. Very cool!! Just have to make sure everyone puts it on in the right spot.

I have found that 3-coil chargers work better however they are larger and might not fit in the recessed box. I use the Stadium Qi Wireless 3-Coil Charger from Choetech.

cool project!

any update on how it all holds 2y later?

It’s great! Everything holds up perfectly.

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Can you elaborate on how you connected the recessed box to the switch next to it?

That switch next to it had all the wires needed, hot, neutral, and ground, so I just tied in a short wire from the old box to the new box.