iPad wall mount? (UK)

Hi All,
Just wondered if anyone has any experience with off the shelve iPad wall mounts? Im looking for something like this, https://www.vidabox.com/kiosks_uk/vidamount-on-wall-tablet-mount-ipad-5th-6th-generation-air-1-2-pro-9-7-black.html

Bit of a steep price for a piece of plastic, but wondered if anyone has any experience or recommendations to share?
Thanks all

You’ll find lots of discussions from US and Canadian community members, these are quite popular. Some of the same brands are available in the UK and other brands are available only for the UK. But the basic ideas are the same.

I personally use Sugru, which is available in both regions:

If you’d like to see project reports on other type of mounts, both ready-made and do it yourself, go to the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, go down near the bottom of that page for the project reports section, and choose the “dashboard“ list. Lots of creative ideas there as well as individual product reviews. :sunglasses:


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Honestly, I have an iPad mounted on my kitchen wall with two of these (one horizontal at top and another at the bottom). Has stood the test of time and is a clean solution. Of course it does not hide cords but I have a USB outlet a few inches below with a short cord attached.


Here’s some photos of a wall mount installation that one of our UK customers shared with us:


iPort Mounts

iPort also makes some neat mounts, but they aren’t cheap. They have wall mount or table/stand options… the iPad is put in a sleeve that magnetically attaches to either the wall or the stand.

eve Mount

The Eve mounts by Basalte (based out of Belgium) are really attractive. Their 12.9" iPad Pro mount is one of the most sleek iPad mounts I’ve seen. (They aren’t cheap either though)


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Thanks all for your help and messages! :slight_smile:


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