First three wall tablet prototypes up and running

So i have my first tablets up and running and mounted on the walls, the mounts are temporary until i can find a decent 7" android flush mount. but i can fand any, the only ones available i can find are for Ipad minis. but the cost of them is too steep. and i prefer the form factor of these 7" tablets.

I am using Tasker and Motion Detector on android so when you walk in front of the device it wakes up automatically, and i am using voice commands to switch between SmartTiles remotes and the Sonos app etc… all works well

I just need to get a better alternative for mounting, but these will do until i get something better. I am now just waiting for delivery of 8 more motion sensors so i can automate lighting properly…onward and upwards…next month, i need to get some Yale locks :smile:


Looking great! Gonna need to start a user gallery on


Thanks, I did donate by the way, i will be revisiting the total donated once i get an idea of the worth to me and the usage i get out of it, but for the first two days, so far so good.


They look awesome! Would appreciate more info on:

  1. The tablet mounts (brand/where purchased/etc), and
  2. The tasker script to get this to work.

yes sure, the tablet mounts for the first two are by a company called konig these are very cheap I picked them up off ebay in the uk for £12 each. They modified heavily you cant mount the power connector. So I have cut away the rubber on the side with the power connector to give enough space for a hand soldered micro usb cable connector without its casing. This does leave a small opening at side the mount to feed cable.

Also mounts mounting method sticks a long way from the wall. To circumvent this I am not using the mounting bracket and am instead using command strips to mount just the holder.
As i said though it is a temporary solution until I can find flush mounts.
The tasker scripts for the device wakeup and ok google voice integration, I will post links to later today once I am not using my phone and can access the right resources.

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