My home control panel

Heavily inspired by a project from another member here: Huge Recessed Wall Mounted Tablet

Just finished my own DIY frame and tablet mount for home control. It’s making use of tasker, sharptools and kwgt to display key information on the home page. For layout, I am using Total launcher with flattered theme. In addition, TinyCam Pro for viewing my IP cameras, News widget, Google Keep widget for notes, and Fotoo app for screensaver.

For power supply, I am using existing 24V power supply that was available for my old wired home alarm system.


so you had to put some holes in the wall behind the panels. (statement)

The hole was already there for wiring the old alarm panel. I covered it with this tablet.

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good cause the wife gets upset when you start making a lot of holes in the walls.

Nice job. Very much like the dimensional nature of the mount and how it goes with the room. I noticed you are using a traditional USB charging cable. Feel free to check out for slim hidden charging cables for tablets. Hiding the charging cable would allow the mount to be the sole focal point.

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Thanks Mike, this is great. I will definitely get the cable when I’m in the US next time.

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I have one of the @MakesByMike for a Fire HD 8. Love it! Thanks, Mike.


Also using a MakesByMike mount and slim charging cable


Chris - appreciate your business. We are about to launch our iPad mini line of mounts for those who prefer Apple devices. Thanks again.

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Very much appreciate your business - glad to hear you are enjoying it.

Looks great! Nice work!