SmartThings Flush Wall Mount Project

Finally finished my Flush mount for my iPad Mini. I saw the mounting solutions out there and none of them fit my needs so I decided to build my own. I mounted it recessed into the drywall with USB wall outlet mounted and wired inside wall so it charges 100% of the time. I made the frame filled corners, then coated it with Plastic Fusion. I then polished it to match the finish of the screw less light switch covers.


Hahaha I was just posting on another thread about this. I want to add a PIR sensor to trigger a bluetooth keyboard to send the -> key which unlocks it so the screen isn’t on all the time.

Arduino + BT(Keyboard Stack) + PIR

EDIT - Mind showing the charger connection?

@keithcroshaw, if you jailbreak your device you can disable the lock screen :smile:

Thanks, that’s a deep section you have there, even my new construction addition that I just finished doesn’t have that much room, I can just put it below everything I guess. Good call on the USB port receptacle.

It is actually jailbroken, I want it to lock when nobody is around and have it unlock when somebody walks up to it and I know the -> arrow keystroke from a BT keyboard unlocks it.

@keithcroshaw that would be a great idea. That way it works like the nest… I wonder if there is a jailbreak app that turns it on when it senses motion on the front facing cam… Something to research…

I know somebody said android can, of course it can. If only android had a nice interface and ran on decent hardware.

Also have are you farmiliar with SmartTiles.Click?
That’s what I would run on that thing, it’s so easy to install to ST.

Here is the link to the new official SmartTiles site. (Formerly called ACTion.)

It’s a dashboard app developed by one of the community members, very popular. :blush:

Very sleek! I would like to flash mount one, but I don’t want to open up the walls…

When I get to it, I will mount an Android tablet that will double up as a picture frame with Daydream mode. When screen is tapped, it wakes up the tablet.


@keithcroshaw There is an app in Cydia called Smart tap… You can double tap the screen and the iPad turns on and unlocks :slight_smile: just installed it…

Below is our kitchen tablet. I think we got it before we got SmartThings, but with ST it’s way cooler. I spent a bit of time researching all sorts of mounting options, but then eventually chose a relatively cheap OEM Samsung tablet dock which has been perfect for our application. It’s small and out of the way. It’s a 10" mid-range model that we got at Costco.

The tab has its own Google address and we use it as:

  • Family calender with Google calendar, by inviting the tablet user to all events we want to share. E.g. kid’s soccer & social events, etc.
  • Picture frame running DayFrame (still not sure if that’s going to be the final picture frame software)
  • Cookbook.
  • It has a link to the SmartTiles app to control SmartThings, but we actually don’t use that much.
  • Music streamer to ChromeCast from our music library uploaded to Google Play.
  • I use Tasker and AutoVoice to turn on and off the kitchen bar lights with voice command (Tasker / ST integration).
  • The tablet is permanently plugged into its charger through the dock. I use Tasker to turn on the outlet when the battery reaches 20% and turn it off when the battery reaches 100%, but only when it’s plugged into the dock (Tasker / ST integration).


Love this! how’d you get the mini mounted in there? Also what is the paint product? The Krylon Fusion for Plastic?

why turn off when fully charged? Should a modern device be able to manage its own battery?

I’m not a chemist, so I don’t really know the answer. I’ve read that modern batteries don’t like to be fully charged all the time, and the battery lasts longer if never fully charged or fully discharged. So charging it between 20%-80% is probably even better. But at the very least I’m saving a bit of energy :smile:.

The mini is charging 100% however some people don’t like the screen on 24/7… I have mine set to timeout after an hour or so…

@ccitarella If you take a look at the pics I created a frame to frame it in the wall. If you have questions let me know. I did use plastic fusion for the paint however I then wet sanded and polished it to get the plastic look.

You are saving about a dollar per year when not charging your tablet, but your smart outlet would use more energy. Also, you need to invest into smart outlet itself.

Hi! I have Smart tiles installed on my Ipad, and created a direct icon from the ipad home. I press it and leave my smart tiles open. Then I can lock and unlock the screen and it opens still on the smart tiles web dashboard. I have my ipad mounted on the wall with magbak (awsome), then is a very clean install. Since the screen is locked mosted of the time the ipad battery is lasting almost 2-3 weeks, with low usage offcourse. So I can afford every 3 weeks charge it over night with no problem. I will upload a video in the afternoon.

Here the vid!


I did the same thing with an old iPad 2 and a wall mount. I actually just set it to never turn off the screen and hard wired it to the wall. Cost me $29 for the wall mount. Looks 10X better than anything else I have seen out there.

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got any pics of your setup?

Where did you get that wall mount/MagBak ? I think it looks cool for something so simple and doesn’t look obtrusive when the device isn’t on the wall.

I’ve had a look (quick look granted) on but couldn’t find them ?