Weatherproof LED Light Strips

We’re looking to get some lighting for our deck and I’d like to have it integrated into SmartThings. I got a strip by SuperonlineMall at Amazon but it has a really poor remote (5 foot range!) and of course is all one package. That’s going back, but I do want some RGBW lights to integrate. So far I’ve seen the two basic options seem to be the Fibaro RGBW controller or an H801, with the latter being about a fourth the price!

All that being said, I’ll make my choice on controller later. My big question is does anyone have any suggestions on where I can actually buy some of the LED strips? These come with some sort of controller and the remote and I need at least 35 feet and possible much longer (one run or several runs). Is there somewhere that I can buy just the strips and then get my own power and controller? Or should I consider just hacking the ones they sent me?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated…

@doncaruana there are some led strip light suggestions on the h801 thread, near the top

Check out the new Philips Hue Outdoor Light strips ( pre-order for October delivery)

You mean this thread? [RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

That’s really old and, outside of AliExpress, the only lights are see are 16ft. That’s why I was asking around.

Way too short and way too expensive… :slight_smile:

@doncaruana yep, that’s the problem with cool lights like HUE, the price point. Yep that’s the thread all right.

What area are you in? Also, US or UK? Temp ranges you’ll have to deal with? Staying out all year round or taking down in winter?

@doncaruana I just saw this thread, may be of some help

This is How to Install 65' LED's Light Strips w/ Fibaro RGBW Controller

Southeastern Michigan, generally in the teens in the winter. Want to keep them up all year, but probably would not try to run them in the winter.

Thanks - that was the first thread I saw when I started my investigation, but worth going back and re-reading now that I’ve learned a little more.

So here’s the interesting thing about the lights I bought…(… It says they are AC, not DC! In the questions, some individuals replied that they are 12vdc, not sure how they would know exactly - not real easy to get to the pins to test and don’t even trust amazon reviewers to do that much! And most of these powered lights have that same controller now. They claim this controller will drive 65 feet of lights and, plugging it in, it does. So not really sure if these would work or not…

These are IP67, I’m running 10 metres in the garden without issues, as Robin says, cut the gizmo’s off the end and stick a Fibaro on it.

Those look pretty good! I think this is the same thing for here in the US?
Although I might consider the 30 LED version (not really sure what exactly that means to me though yet, but it is significantly cheaper). Having a hard time finding this type of strip (without all the extras) and would also like to be at 24v too if I can, but if you’re using 10 meters, I only need a few more feet than that anyway. What are using to power it?

They list DC on the output of the power, but I’m going to meter it when I get back home. Makes little sense to me…

Curious as to what you ended up doing here? I’m looking to do about 65ft in my back porch and ran across this thread. Seems like the Fibaro is the way to go?

I ended up not bothering trying to wire it into SmartThings actually. Just really wasn’t worth the extra hassle given the wifi/app control available. Ended up spending about $110 for 64ft of weatherproof LED strips and everything I needed (that actually ends up being two 32ft strips run off a single power supply)

Do you have a link for the one you purchased?

Sure. I went with 24v for many of the reasons discussed around here.

The transformer: (paid $19.99)

The wifi controllers: (paid $16.99 each for 2)

LED strips: (paid $12.97 each for 4 strips)

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Even with what I bought, I wouldn’t recommend doing 65 feet all in one run. They will dim - I tested it. That’s why I have the beefed up transformer though so I can run separate power. And you can sync the wifi controllers if you want as well. So basically, I have two 32 foot strip/controller setups that will run off the same transformer.