LED Light Strip Suggestions

Hi all,

I am looking for some WEATHER PROOF LED light strip suggestions that can connect to smartThings. Any suggestions?

Many use the Sylvania Lightify. They are rebranding so stock is sometimes hard to come by.


They also have garden spots


I read that those are not extendable. If that’s true, then using these would require quite a few more available outlets.

As I understand it, you are correct. They are sealed to work outdoors.

I use these (I’m sure you can find a US equivalent) along with a fibaro rgbw


How does the fibaro rgbw device hook up to these? I’ve been reading about people doing this, but I’ve never owned rgbw sensor.

You just need a 12v or 24v dc PSU (Depentant upon LED voltage - I use 12vdc)
This powers both the Fibaro and the LEDs
On the output of the Fibaro you have connections for the four colours and the return.
really easy to connect and there are a couple of DTH to control the Fibaro.
I use an couple of apps I wrote to change colours on the LEDs
The Fibaro also has a couple of pre-programmed sequences which you can trigger - quite cool.

Have a look at this thread…