Zigbee RGB Light strip controller and SmartThings

I was thinking about ordering this https://goo.gl/lozEjp to use with a Philips Hue bridge because I don’t want to pay the $90 for a Philips LED light strip and I’ve seen products like the Fibaro and this https://goo.gl/GdS9f8 but they are more expensive than the one in the first link. I know the one in the second link works with the Hue bridge so I was wondering if anyone has tried using the first device with the Hue bridge or SmartThings. I am getting an Amazon Echo, a SmartThings hub and a Philips Hue bridge but I don’t want to pay such large amounts of money for lights if there are other solutions.

At $25 for the listed controller, $20-$30 or more for the strip of LED and another $10 for a power supply. You will end up spending just as much as if you bought a $60 Hue or Osram strip.

You can get IR controlled Taotonic strip that can be controlled by ST via Harmony ( or other IR blaster for $20 all included.

If you only want ST to turn it off/on you can plug it into a smart outlet and just use Harmony or the included remote to change colors when needed ( That is how I have mine set up with GE outdoor module )

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Obligatory link:


Thought id share my mindset. Im new to all of this. Got my SmartThings hub and worked a deal on ebay for 2 full Osram Lightify Kits and 7 Expansion Kits for under $250.

Yes, you pay a premium for this setup, though, reading some horror stories from the generic kits I figured i’d play it safe to avoid my house burning down.

I may find another generic kit I can trust for my kitchen under cabinets and add a smart outlet where I dont need the color changing.

Hue strips ( for those that did not stock up when HD dot Com had them mispriced for $16 ) are $69 11/24-11/27 from Hue store and select retailers


Thank you so so much for directing me to this as I could not find a solution as easy and cheap as this. Sorry for such a late reply.

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