Need Advice Outdoor RGBW Lightstrip (2019)

I am looking to install some outdoor RGBW lighting strips to my home. I would need about 35 feet. After spending many hours on this forum, Im still lost :frowning_face:

DYI options: I have read many posts and it seems the 3 most talked about controllers are 3A Nue, FLS-PP and the Fibaro. Any reason why one is better them the other (all are 24v 6a i believe). Prices are way different as well. Does anyone have experience with any of these outdoors? Any DTh you recommend with any of these? Also which lightstrips are you using with this? I would prefer to only have one controller btw IDk with the length im looking for.

Out of Box Option: I see the Sylvania Smart+ outdoor flex for $44 (16 feet I believe-NOT expandable). I assume this is out of box plug and play. Im not even looking at Hue WOW $$$ If the DYI option is costing me the same price per foot would anyone recommend one over the other and why??

I have the sylvania model and it’s worked well the past year+.

Thanks, I feel Im leaning that way, but hoping someone out there has experience with the above controllers. If price per foot is about the same, I will go Smart+