LED light strips

Has anyone tried extending the Phillips HUE LED light strips? I have been eyeing something like these: http:​//www​.hitl​ights​.com/​ls505​0-rgb​150nw​44k-6​5ft-3​92.ht​ml and wonder if I could use the extensions they provide, to the Phillips solution that SmartThings integrates with.

I have a ledge right now in my house that uses 3 rope lights, that I want to replace! Color control, and automation would be incredibly awesome, and look amazing.

I realize this is an option: http://build.smartthings.com/projects/smartkitchen/ just a lot of work…to do what I am hoping can be a simple thing.

Thoughts anyone?

Don’t you have enough outlets to just run multiples? ST could control the group. But at that point you’re talking some serious money for Hue. Is the color changing worth that? Otherwise, an off the shelf LED rope that’s long enough and a z-wave switch would probably save you money.

Well, that’s the point… to use the HUE for the SmartThings compatibility, but then use the off the shelf LED.

Yes, I actually want to have the color changing. If my method works, the cost wouldn’t be too high.

I only have 1 outlet on this ledge between the first and second floor in the main room.

I currently have a Rope Light, but the control is something that would look good in my house.

I really don’t know, but to me this sounds like some DEEP understanding of how Hue addresses hardware would be necessary. You would likely have to reverse engineer how it addresses the LEDs and then make sure that the added LEDs were capable of understanding that.

Nothing I would ever consider but if that sounds like something you can do, more power to you!

There’s some work being done on getting this integrated: http://www.fibaro.com/us/the-fibaro-system/rgbw-controller

I can’t make any guarantees of how long it will be.

Hey @Duncan, this is great news. I have been eyeing a lot of the fibaro hardware.

Do you have an approx. timeline? (No guarantees). I.e. this quarter?

Do you know if the RGBW Controller allows to run long LED strips?


This is beyond good news here. I have jumped into HA with both feet, in the process of a remodel and wanting security, lighting and some fun with this hobby, I have lost a lot of sleep researching the heck out of all aspects, systems, devices, etc. in two months, we’ve spent on over 20 devices. For my money, Hue is out, not versatile enough for the buck. RGB LED strips are cost efficient and there/ no end to the use, but the lack of a controller is a glaring gap in the market. I have read race reviews from owners of Fibaro’s RGB controller, but everything points to EU only and missed US promises. You imply you have one, that is incredible! Although, I cannot imagine why others haven’t paired a radio to the wired RGB controllers that exist…

Any word if the GlowLine from WigWag would work with SmartThings?



I plan on installing under cabinet RGB LED strips in the kitchen as well as other accent lighting. Should I plan on using Fibaro as the RGB controller? Are there other options?

My bet would be that the Fibaro will be the first RGB controller working with SmartThings, but it’s not a top priority right now as far as I know.

There are these things but don’t know how accessible the would be:



I asked the WigWag people if the GlowLine would work outside their system and was told you would need a WigWag Hub

I think you’ll have much better luck with an Arduino and a ThingsShield.

The board will cost you about $10 on ebay, and another $30 for the shield. The Led strips are cheap.

Let me see if I can whip something up quick in the next few weeks (I’m sure Urman can do this in his sleep).

HI Gilbert,
Any luck with your Arduino with ThingsShield project? Would love to see how it all worked out. Thank you.

Hey everyone, has any solution been made on this as of yet? I saw a message from @Duncan saying they were working on the Fibaro, which to me would be the best solution—but haven’t received any update…

I am very curious on the Fibaro controller as well. Any updates?

@DinnerYeti I updated my experiences here:

Hi @beckwith, thank you for the reply.

That was the original post that brought me to this post. Did you end up getting the Fibaro, if so, were you happy with it?

The Fibaro appears to be a nice device with many features. I like that it includes inputs that I can use for cabinet open/close sensors. There just isn’t a good device type written for it yet. You can only use the dimmer and there is a custom device type that uses sliders to awkwardly control RGB color but not white in RGBW.

I have the second controller you pictured by docooler and would love to get it hooked up to smartthings.
I found this site http://g.chasefox.net/zentyal/unifi/rgb-led that showed how to login into the controller and some examples of a java api to talk to it. does this information help to create a device type?