Waterproof temperature probe for aquarium/pool

I’ve been trying to find a waterproof temperature solution for monitoring water temperature. I’ve previously tried Sonoff TH10 coupled with an external probe, but that solution had proven to be both unreliable and highly imprecise. I’ve found an Aubess unit:
But that is a Tuya compatible unit, which is likely not to integrate with Smartthings.

Anyone have suggestions for possible solutions to look at?

From Tuya devices is difficult say if they are integrated with SmartThings.

If device uses standard clusters the it’s possible that @Mariano_Colmenarejo adds to his driver this device

If device uses Tuya clusters the it’s possible to use this driver

Wire probe length is only 1 meter.

18B20 sensor may be an alternative solution:

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@TapioX Thank you for your reply.

Looking at the unit i linked to again, it doesn’t look like the probe is constructed for being submersed. I’ll try to look for another Tuya compatible unit. They are generally fairly cheap - so it’s worth a shot.

The DS18B20 probe looks very similar to the Sonoff TH10 solution I’ve already got going - which unfortunately is really unrealiable and unprecise.

In any case, there doesn’t seem to be an “out of the box” Smartthings compatible solution for this use case.

DS18B20 probes are industry standard for submerged temperature reporting in everything from hot tubs to aquariums.

If you’re getting unreliable and imprecise readings, it’s almost always one of two causes:

  1. you didn’t get an actual maxim DS18B20 probe, you got one of the many offbrand clones. These are sufficient for many use cases, but definitely are not as precise as the original. You can probably tell by the price. And original is likely to cost close to $15, the clones typically cost under $8.

Digikey and Mouser are usually good sources for reliable DS18B20s.

  1. you connected the probe to a less precise thermostat. I would definitely put the sonoff into this category, but YMMV. :man_shrugging:t2:

Remember when checking the accuracy specifications for a device that many of them are given in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. +/- 0.5°C is a range of about 4°F. Again, fine for some use cases, but not for others.


What accuracy were you looking for?

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Well. Absolute accuracy is less important, I can just calibrate it. Relative accuracy is however more important. I’d say that 0,5 Celsius relative accuracy is ok. A little less would be ideal. The fish I have are rather temperature sensitive - hence the need to monitor.

I’ll look into the links you sent. Thanks :blush:

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