Humidity, temp sensor (2023)

I know there are a few sensors just for humidity & temp but im looking for a reconmendation. I. Not sure what devices has or doesnt have an edge driver. Any input is appreciated.

In what country do you reside?

Oh sorry, usa

The Tuya sensors work good, are cheap on AliExpress, and the ones using 2-AAA batteries have good battery life.

They work with the " Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc" driver. If you get one that doesn’t work because of a different fingerprint Mariano will add it.

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In UK but SONOFF SNZB-02 ZigBee Mini Indoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor’s work well on ST stock edge driver:

I second that, have 10 of them and they function perfectly as sensor and also thermostat. The Aqara version below also runs on the same driver and although more expensive shows barometric pressure with a function by @Mariano_Colmenarejo to show pressure change rate.

I thought i read that aqara doesnt use standard zigbee & that they need the aqara hub. I could be wrong. I was looking on amazon & i saw a centralite senor with decent amountbof reviews that were positive. I thought aeotech made one alao but i didnt see it on its website. The smart home has one but amazon reviews are not good.

It’s complicated. They do have a bunch of zigbee 3.0 models, but they check in with the hub on a slightly different schedule than smartthings expects, particularly when they go through repeaters, and that can cause them to get marked off-line. Several community members have reported good results when using IKEA tradfri outlets as repeaters for the aqara devices, but the whole thing can get kind of complicated to monitor.

If you use the Aqara Sensors with their own hub, they are solid and reliable, but the only smartthings integration with the aqara hub is through matter, and there was initially a problem with reporting humidity that way. The engineers were looking at it, and it supposed to get fixed, but I don’t think the fix has been released yet.

Also, aqara is working on a special partnership with smartthings to improve the direct Zigbee connection, so that may get better in the future. :thinking:

there are a bunch of other options available now, including Shelly, Meross, SwitchBot, Aqara, and all the various Tuya rebrands.

In the US, Zooz has a couple of popular zwave models that would definitely be worth looking at



For UK users:

The Zooz 700 and 800 series are now available for UK zwave, and they’ve been very popular in the US. I think those would be worth looking at:

They also have very good tech-support if you need to ask any questions. Just make sure you get one configured for the EU frequency.


@JDRoberts what ia your opinion of the centralite version on amazon. Secent reviews & price.

Im in the usa not europe.

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I know, I hadn’t finished my post yet. Since I use voice dictation, when I’m adding links it can take me a while to get the whole post done. See above, it’s done now. :sunglasses:

Do you have the link?

I have one that’s been in service back when ST branded their own Centralite sensors. It’s still working great and have bought a few additional ones in the last year or so from Amazon.

Since then, centralite went bankrupt and the name was acquired by Ezlo (a European company who also acquired vera). I don’t know if current models use the same engineering. :thinking:

Centralite by Ezlo Temperature and Humidity Sensor - Monitors Room Climate - Detects High Humidity, Low Temps, Prevents Pipe Burst due to Freezing - Works with Smartthings, Hubitat, Ezlo, Vera, Zigbee

Sorry, I don’t know anything about the current model. Or if there’s an edge driver for it. :man_shrugging:t2:

I second the SNZB-02 as a good option under SmartThings. They work fine in Hubitat as well.

Good battery life, they use a common 2032 cell instead of an oddball one you have to order special.

They’re available for a reasonable price on eBay in the US straight from Sonoff.

As mentioned I own several purchased in different years including one a few months ago. They all look the exact same so would say they use the same engineering!

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I would like to try the centralite. Ill email to see if there is an eege driver available. If not ill go with the zooz version.

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