Wall Touchscreen Controller


i am looking for a wall mounted touch screen device. Something that can control smart things or smart tiles.

I am looking for something that can replace a light switch and give me broad control over smart things.

Ideally i want mode control to set the alarm when i leave. In a perfect world it would be able to lock out when in “armed” mode so you can’t just disarm it when you come in without a code (typically it’ll disarm by opening the door with a Schlange lock).

I like the Brilliant Controller but i can’t tell if it will really allow me to run smart things in a way that makes sense and is flexible. What i really want is something like the Wink Relay but higher res screen and faster processing. A small Android phone or tablet that can mount cleanly to the wall would be an option?

any thoughts?



My plan is to mount iPad devices where I need larger real estate (the kitchen where I want to see video, control lighting and access the web) and use iPod touches for the small applications. I’m looking at this company for wall mounts (https://www.simplewallmount.com/products/ipod-touch-5th-generation-wall-mount). I’ve pre-wired my areas that will use these so I can locate all of my power bricks in my server closet. Good luck!

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Some links may be old, but you get the idea.


And we have a winner!! Cheap, versatile, programmable…if I didn’t already have two inexpensive Android control tablets, I’d run out and get a few of these.


How would people recommend mounting to the wall? Looking for something that looks integrated and not half baked…

If you search the links given above there are many options and ideas provided (especially in the first one).

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Work with smartthings. Google home. wink.

but is expansive

Correction: Claims to work with SmartThings. Is there any proof?

Also, unless it appears on this page, it is not a certified "Works With SmartThings"™ product: https://www.smartthings.com/products

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Looks interesting! To be feasible for someone like myself, it would have to be about $100 or less. Basically it is combining the functions of Alexa with an android control tablet.

I posted about using screens instead of switches here some time ago… and I was/am not unique in that concept. It’s natural at this point. We all can do it right now with an inexpensive android tablet or phone, which often can be had for $20-$40. Add Tasker and Sharptools to the tablet, and away you go. Or get ActionTiles, and distribute only the controls you want to a each of a slew of tablets.

Of course, I would expect an item designed as a commercial product to be more ‘polished’ about it.

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it’s true that nothing has been verified since it will only be released in February. But that is promising. You must admit that Smartthings did not make much effort to make us a wall interface. It’s been a year that we try to adapt the wink that belongs to a competitor. The only one that exists is ADT but it is not really designed to control the house. Why do not you associate with it to make us a small functional interface.

Because that would risk the stability of the primary purpose of the ADT controller: Monitored home security.

Like any new product, I doubt Brilliant will release on time and/or without significant bugs. Don’t hold your breath. They’ve got huge challenges to overcome and only $20 million to do it with. SmartThings has the entirety of Samsung behind them for over 3 years.

This is what they say in the FAQ:
"already have Z-Wave or Zigbee products, we also support hubs like Wink or SmartThings so you can control them from a Brilliant Control"
Specs say:
"Wi-Fi connected, supporting up to 802.11n
Bluetooth (to connect Brilliant Controls if Wi-Fi not present)"
Ability to access the Brilliant Control through IFTTT, the Brilliant Alexa skill, or Google Home/Google Assistant

I think they mean use IFTTT with ST.
They look nice, are expensive and there is no manual available. Too much hot air for me

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So AT isn’t WWST? :wink:

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Still in pre-release. Until it actually starts shipping there’s no way of knowing what it will have or won’t have. If the integration is only through IFTTT, as looks likely, then you won’t have a dashboard such as what this thread is asking for. And there’s no way of knowing how deep the integration will be.

This happens all the time with pre-order products. We will just have to wait and see what they actually deliver.


Well… Indeed we are. So I guess my heuristic wasn’t best choice.

We’re working on getting listed, though.


The product LOOKS great, but it seems to me that there is a opportunity for Samsung to create a new app or add a simple feature to the mobile app called “Kiosk Mode”, which would require a password to exit. It would be great if this Kiosk Mode could be customized. This way, we could simply mount the Apple or Android tablet on a wall or leave it as a portable device.

I tried the ADT Security hub and it didn’t work for me. It is also very limited on use. AND You can’t just ad the ADT Security hub as one of the devices on your network. Door & Window sensors and other devices cannot be paired with two HUBS, which means you have to use the ADT as THE hub. It doesn’t have an ethernet port so wifi is the only option for it. It took me 2 weeks of tweaking and adding Z-Wave range extenders, to get my system functioning the way I want, so there is no way I am going to start over with a new hub, just to get a screen with two buttons on it, to alarm and disarm.

I would pay $50 bucks for an app with a customizable screen, to control and monitor my smartthings devices. A bonus feature would be to add a arm/disarm security feature connected to an optional z-Wave siren.

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You’re in luck, because ActionTiles only costs $28.99 after 14-day free fully feature trial.

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well my home is pretty well automated and my wall mount fire 10 is doing just nice wit AT. I love the motion detection upon walking up to the device. the WAF is going up a bit. I’ve been fine tuning my panels with AT and now I just need a few more final tricks that I can’t figure out. I use the main walk up screen for easy house settings like normal lights. movie lights. tv on/off. garage door open/close. thermostat. clock. 5 day weather jpeg. sonos…then there’s a couple shortcut links to a few other panels like weather and traffic cams. but now I would like to have a tile open an app like sonos so I can pick music stations or links to Pinterest for cooking. I’ve seen something about intent schemes or finding the url to make a shortcut but I can’t seem to figure this out. is this possible to do? if so can someone guide me. im so close to automation nirvana.


I wanted something small like you were talking about but this ended up working perfectly.

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