Smartthings Running on Wink Relay

While this is my “proof of concept” I can verify that Smartthings can run on the Wink Relay. The next steps in this project will be to load a clean (non-Wink) version of Android on the Relay and set Smartthings as the default app that launches at boot.

Thought I would share a taste though so others can jumpstart efforts to assist with the next steps.

Here is the video:


We’d love to get this working for SmartTiles too… If Wink Relays are somewhere affordable?

You can find them at most Home Depot’s for $139 or less. It is running Android 4.3 and had 2 GB of memory from what I can see.

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There’s something ironic/dirty about this and I love it, good job!

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If I get it to work like I want then it will solve my one frustration with arm/disarm the alarm (and knowing status without looking at phone)

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You’ll have also made the only useful Wink Relay with probably more functionality :smile:

I wonder if it’s possible to get those buttons/relays working as well…

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I have to say I like Wink a lot. They have a great team. I do believe the audience is a bit different for ST vs Wink although there is a lot of overlap.

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How did you install it @Justplaynn?

Let me get back to you on that. I noticed the one I have with version 2.3.1 was a piece of cake but the one I have with 2.3.4 is being a different story and trying a different approach.

Will update as soon as I have something repeatable.


I just loaded the smarthings apk on my wink relay it looks like everything is working including video.


Hey guys
How can I do this and is there a place that I can get this for a cheap price

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How did you sideload it @Natesilver77?

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I’m on the road I’m doing this with text to speech so excuse the grammar I’m not a hundred percent on the details but what I did was something like this when I get home this afternoon I will try and update with better instructions I hit the reset button on the bottom of the relay then held the top button for a minute it put it into a mode where there was a menu that had about 6 options one of which was to flash back to factory settings then I powered it off powered it back on let some links menu load logged in on to my Wi-Fi and then held the bottom button I don’t remember for how long but until you notice something happen and then it’ll open up like an Android tablet screen from there I downloaded the APK from the actual relay and I’m just running the app that stays on all the time


Where did you download the app from @Natesilver77? How did you get the app into the relay, sideload or downloaded from where, soory for being annoying

If you’ve already got it to the point where when you turn on the relay looks like an Android tablet I just went on the web browser and Googled SmartThings APK and it was either the first or the second one that came up and you download it and then it just asked you to install it click install and you’re done I actually the first time downloaded one that was for the SmartThings version 1 ended up deleting that one and getting a more recent one again I’m on my text to speech so excuse the grammar thank you

Thanks @Natesilver77

Did you get it to work

Don’t own one @Natesilver77 , but you’re giving me incentive to buy one

any updates on this subject? I currently own a relay, I am moving to smartings and would really like to make this work. I’m stuck on the part after logging to wifi.

I have gotten to the Android tablet portion but my option for installing unknown .apk files is greyed out. Any suggestions on how to get passed this issue. The unit itself is awesome but the functionality provided by the wink app is not as great as it could be. I would like to be able to try out other options.