Texting PIN code to Smartthings hub?

The other approaches are great alternatives too.

Twilio is probably a bit more effort to get setup, but it also has no hardware dependencies. If you already had a spare Android device, then the Tasker approach is great as you can just use what you already have. But if you don’t already have an Android device, then it might make sense to go through the bit of extra effort to get Twilio setup, especially if the DTH @ritchierich linked to already connects things together.

That being said, you could also repurpose the Android device to do other things like serve as a dashboard, motion sensor, camera, etc, etc.

The web-based dashboard approach is also a good approach. With either setup, your friends would have to remember something. With the text message, they’d need to program the number into their phone. With the dashboard, they’d need to bookmark the address.

The other nice thing about texting is most phones support texting by voice now: eg. "Hey Siri, text Andrew's Garage 'open sesame'"

Yes, ActionTiles does require a purchase, but it does come with a 2 week free trial before needing to be purchased. You may only need to give them access to the garage door today, but you may find that you want to add additional tiles to a panel that they can access or a different panel created for someone else with more than just access to the garage door in the future.

With AT, you have a 1 to 1 device equivalent from SmartThings and can display only the things you want shown and when those devices you want to display on the panel, they can be pin code restricted (when they press the Tile, they are required to enter a 4 digit code) before being able to open/close or turn on/off a device. Just an additional avenue to look at.

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They don’t have to buy the app, you would. But once you create a panel you can share it with anybody. It is just a web page. They do have to have a login, but that doesn’t cost anything. I do this for a neighbort to give her access to control our alarm and doors if needed.

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Here’s an idea how things would look in the Tasker approach:

  1. Create a new Profile → Event → Phone: Received Text
  2. Configure the profile with your desired filters (who it came from, what the message says)
  3. Configure the action to open your garage


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Would it work equally well to run Tasker and Sharptools on OP’s own Android device? Then the housesitter could just text him the magic word with no extra equipment. It does rely on his phone being available though, so no good if he’s on a plane or out of the country / service area.

Yes, it could run on his own device assuming he had an Android phone.

The caveats you mentioned are why I would normally recommend a dedicated device for this kind of thing.

I’ve seen some similar automations where it was fine to run directly on their own device. For example, I had one user flash lights in their house whenever their phone rings (great use case for the deaf).


Tagging @tgauchat @anon36505037

I can think of several different ways to do this, but I’m getting a little out of touch, so I will let others respond. I just tagged a couple of people who might have some more ideas. :sunglasses:

I would add that one easy way to do it would be to send email to a Gmail account and use that as the trigger in an IFTTT applet. But I would be concerned about the security in that approach.

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The SMS / SharpTools / Tasker approach is clever, but certainly is more complicated and risky than ActionTiles.

We built “Secure Panel Sharing” (along with PIN Protected Tiles) into ActionTiles particularly for your use case, @Astevens.

The free trial period is lots of time to make sure this works as per your requirements.


Also worth noting, ActionTiles is browser based (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Silk, Safari, Fully Kiosk, etc.) so you aren’t restricted to a specific OS or flavor of phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc…


Says the ActionTiles guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure… But does that require a secure login / password (PLUS optional PIN) like ActionTiles?

I’m not trying to oversell here; but AT is a certified WWST SmartApp for a reason. We had to ensure a high level of security and use strong authentication. Heck … we would even add two-factor authentication if it became a popular request.

Opening a garage door is a sensitive operation. AT will be subject to all the cloud limitations, but helps ensure maintaining security.

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I like it.

On top of that, they could have webCoRE Presence installed on their phone and when they arrive at the Location, you could text that link to the Piston via SMS (From another Piston) and that Piston would only fire if their Presence device is Present at the Location.

So many choices, so many decisions :smile:


More complicated, yes.
More risky? Not really. The SMS interaction can be specific to particular senders/numbers.

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I looked at AT but only briefly (once I get my Konnected system I was planning on getting it.) I did not know you were able share panels with non users, Can you turn panels off/on as to not grant them access all the time but only when I need them to come over? Or would I have to send them a new link every time? Thanks…

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Two Apps that have been instrumental in my setup and has made things super easy are:

webCoRE and ActionTiles

If webCoRE wasn’t free, I would definitely buy it. The cost for ActionTiles is fair considering all of the functionality you get.



The way I do mine. I created a simulated switch which I put in the AT panel for the neighbor. The created a webcore routine which used the simulated switch to control whatever I wanted. Then I also created another simulated switch which I use to allow the webcore routine to operate. A little complicated, but not too bad once you get into it.


Sharing is done to a specific login (email) and password, not just by a “link” (that isn’t secure).

  • The License allows you (or your friends) to create any number of User Accounts to share with, free of charge.
  • You can disable and re-enable sharing, or make the shared panel “read-only”, with just a couple clicks.
  • We can also disable entire user accounts upon request.



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A suggestion for the many apps that are suggested in this thread. In at least one time it’s mentioned, include the link to the [RELEASE] post that says what it’s capabilities are and how to install it. Some of us haven’t been here for 3 years :slight_smile: And this is a very intriguing thread, which is why I’m following it.

Here’s some links for the main apps listed.

These three are well established apps that have graduated from [RELEASE] threads, so the links above are probably good starting points.